September 27, 2010


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Hello Friends,

Hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the weather. I am so happy to say good bye to Sun and Heat! There is something beautiful about the cloudy weather, Rains and changing colors of the trees. Some find this Gloomy...I find this Romantic..

Anyways, last week in Dazzle 'n' Sparkle you saw some posts on products that were technically boring, but definately Essentials. There are a few more such skin and eye care reveiws coming soon. I also have a little Nail Polish buys to Share and a small Beauty Buy from Sephora aswell.
The new collection from MAC (Disney), is very huge and though many people are enjoying the goodies, I am just finding it Juvenile. I had said the same thing about Hello Kitty, but ended up liking 2 products, so maybe its a pre-mature Statement. The colors in the collection are not Unique, nor are any products. Honestly, I have passed that 'Phase' of having something from every collection. I guess it happens when you have been into collecting make up stuff since long.

I am Rambling...I know!! Wish you all have a Great day and week ahead. I will see ya around.


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  1. Disney characters are my favorite, but the collection didn't excite me either.



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