September 20, 2010


Hi all my Friends,

Hope you all are enjoying the weather change. Me too, but not my son. Now he got sick. Its really bad, because now he has to miss school Again! Doctor advised Rest and some basic Medication. So thats fine. I just have to do formalities and paperwork for school and then attend him the till feel better.

Last week was pretty jampacked with work. Not to mention the initial weeks at school are hectic aswell (as a parent). Those Back to School Nights, PTO Meeting, Welcome famillies etc etc.
Will resume back in full swing, with full fledged blogging soon. This week will see a few pending posts for Bobbi Brown Corrector, Concealer and LM Brightening powder. All very amazing products.

I am sure you will enjoy them. They are essentials!!

Have a great and happy week ahead.




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