September 13, 2010


Hi Folks...

Hope you all doing well. I am back from my Vacation from Florida, all tired and Tanned!! I seriously need another vacation from this one. The place is freakin hot and humid. It was fun though.

I have loads to ramble and I need free ears. A random rambling post to follow soon. Please lend me your!!
I did miss blogging though. The posts that kept appearing on the journal were scheduled one. I will be answering the comments and reading my blogroll soon.

No Cosmetic purchases at this trip, though I did buy some silly Disney stuff. You know how those are. I have an old Beauty Buys to share and have my August Favs to post. Would you like to see the favorite post now?? I usually don't have the most amazing finds, but I do have some cute jewelry to share. Just let me know if interested and I can post that one.

Ok, need to sign off. I will be bugging you around asusual. Have a great week ahead.


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