September 7, 2010

MAC Purple/Plum (Red Tone) Eyeshadows

These are a few MAC Purple/Violet/Plum eyeshadows that has Red Undertones to them. I had clicked these pics long time ago, just totally forgot to post them.

Colors I have are:

Star Violet: This is a Veluxe Pearl Finish and MAC describes it as Pinky Brown Plum. It is pretty true to its description. The blend of Plum with Brown is lovely and the redness imparts the needed warmth. The color is warm toned and does not looks bruised at all on my skintone. I love to pair it with the obvious Golds. It would look good with Orange and Greens too, but I just never wore it that way. A lovely color, if you want to avoid a very reddish color like MAC Cranberry eyeshadow.

Hepcat: The MAC people describe it as Jazzy deep blue Wine. I don't see much Blue in it though. I find its a complex mix of Magenta, Pink and Purple. It is pretty close to another color Plum Dressing in pan, but on swatching Hepcat has more Pink and Purple, with more metallic finish. Its a frost finish and has an amazing shine. This sheen turns into netallic sheen when applied wet with fixed plus. It has cool tones and works beautifully with Greys like Silver Ring and Knight Divine.

Stars and Rockets: I like this funky name and the color is funky aswell. Its a Veluxe Pearl finish and is Duochrome. Sometimes it look pink, sometimes Purple. I do see some blue in it. The color is pretty complex to categorize. I do see lot of pink, so its here. Its a cool toned shade and I find its not much flattering on me. A lovely Unique color for sure, with amazing pigmentation.

Nocturnelle: This is a frost finish and looks stunning in pan. It lacks in pigmentation department. I like to layer is over Black base and that base makes such a difference. Its one of my favorite way to use this color. The color is a deep purple with Pink tones. Along with all the other shadows here it appears to have blue tones, which is true to some extent, but in comparison with Parfait Amour and Satellite Dreams, this appears to be leaning on Pink side. The color makes nice combination with Golds.

Plum Dressing: This is a Veluxe Pearl finish and is Pinky Purple. The pigmentation is not amazing, but still good. The texture makes it easy to work with. This is close to Hepcat, but is more warmer than Hepcat, which has more of Pink going on. This does not has too much of sheen or metallic finish. Plum Dressing is comparitively closer to Cranberry shade. Looks great with Golds and Oranges.

Sketch: This is a Velvet. Not the best finish in my book. Its hard to blend. The color is Gorgeous. Its a Burgundy with red shimmers. Pretty much on the same lines as Shadowy Lady, which I have in a quad. It is a good color to darken the outer 'V' area in an eye look and makes a rich eyeliner color. It has a slight hint of Plum somewhere.

These are a few Purples in my Palette that stay next to each other. These colors are very complex and the Categorization of color is mostly based on their appearance to my Naked eye.


  1. I bought Nocturnelle because it looked so pretty in the pan, like you said, but it doesn't blend super well and the color pay off is not so great. I was pretty disappointed but I'll find some use for it. I always manage to! haha

  2. I really like warmer purples, I think they make interesting looks with greys and silvers and they look good on most skintones!
    Come to think of it, I don't think I own any cool purples... lol!


  3. Stars N Rocket is my love. It's one of the first few colors I picked up from MAC.

  4. Purples are def in for this Fall again...

  5. I prefer Nocturnelle, very amazing colour.
    Thanks for the photos!

  6. Love the swatches, and purples are always fun.

    It's funny that you mention about organizing about how they look to the naked eye - isn't it funny how they can be so different on the skin compared to in the pan?

  7. I love purple in general ! Sketch and Nocturnelle are my favorite out of the 6! Great swatches! :)

  8. Nocturnelle is one of my FAV PURPLES! Sketch is nice, but pain to work with.



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