September 5, 2010

MAC 249 Brush - Review

'Tool Talk' is a fancy name for posts where I would talk about Beauty Tools,Hair
Tools or for that matter any 'Tool' that we 'humans' use to groom ourselvesand
make life easier and prettier!

A flat, firm, Paddle shaped shader brush with Synthetic Bristles. This brush is a bit big for my eyes though.

Its a good brush for using Cream or gel based products. I like to use this for my Benefit Creasless Creme shadows and Paint pots. Its firmly packed and is flat without ant fluffiness, so it picks good amount of product without any wastage.

It can double up as a concealer brush for a thin concealer application, but does not works well under the eyes because of its size.
I like the firmness of this brush and I wish it came in size like the MAC 242.

Retails: USD 28.50


  1. Great review! I am trying to build up my collection of brushes at the moment so this was really useful!

  2. I've had that brush forever and it's the best there is ! Wonderful that you featured it !

  3. It seems great for eyeshadows! :)

  4. I really like to use my fingers for applying concealer. Maybe because I like it to warm up and just melt into the skin.

  5. I use my fingers to apply concealer or paint pots. Its easy that way.

  6. Hate this brush for Shadow Application. E/S gets all over the place.

  7. @Dhalia: Even I enjoy applying cream based products with fingers. I could find this brush helpful for cream based products only, not for e/s.

    @Haley: Yep, always..

    @Anon: I know, e/s just applies badly wth this brush (powder e/s)



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