September 23, 2010

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer - Golden

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer - Golden

I was pretty impressed by Bobbi Brown Corrector (Review) and decided to give their Creamy Concealer a try. The MUA at store matched me to color Golden, which I think is bit dark, but I apply it over the corrector, so it kinda blends in well and evens out everything.

Bobbi Brown Concealer (Golden) and Corrector (Dark Peach)

The concealer is definately creamy and light weight, which obviously means its more oil based. I use to apply this under my eye using a stiff flat, synthetic concealer brush. I have one from Coastal Scents, that fits in the undereye area perfectly well and does the job.

I avoid using my fingers with this product, because I noticed that when I apply it with my fingers, the under eye area gets more oily and the concealer settles into the fine lines. Also less is more with concealers always...

Using a brush avoids this and then I set the whole thing with Laura Mercier Secret Brightenting powder. This makes the Concealer last longer. If I don't use the powder, the concealer just melts and disappears after few hours. SETTING WITH POWDER IS MUST.

Bobbi Brown Concealer in Golden and Corrector in Dark Peach

The coverage is opaque, not very thick though. It looks very natural, not like an artificial pastey or cakey. I mainly use it for under eye area and it does a good job of hiding those circles.

The best thing about the Bobbi Brown Brand is that it has good shade range and has yellow'ness' or warmth in it. They match yellow undertones very well. This is something that not many brands boast of. I find many brands have concealers and foundations with more Pink undertones in it. MAC has a good color range aswell, but the pot concealers are too heavy and thick.

The container is compact and comes with a mirror, which is good. Its difficult to open at times because it ruins my nail polish. Its not tight or something, just the placement of the snap closure is such that it ruins my nail polish.

Good product, but if you have very oily lids or under eye area, you might want to try it at store before spending $22, which is kinda steep for a product that is to be used everyday.

What is your HOLY GRAIL Concealer?


  1. I really love how the product works but I have deep creases under my eyes and this used to seep in there :( Otherwise a very nice product. I have peach too.

  2. My favorite is from Laura Mercier but most of the time I forgo the concealer. I usually just slap on tinted moisturizer and go. Glad you found a concealer that works! BB definitely have products tailored to more yellow skintones.

  3. I tried the corrector. Its very good, but the consistency is so thick!

  4. I know this post is old but I was searching for swatches for ebony complexions and found your swatches. I love the dark peach corrector and use it every day and was looking concealer swatches. I'm a NW43 in Mac and i'm not sure what color to try.



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