August 20, 2010



This is one blush that I always heard was a good choice for warm toned ladies. It is supposed to be a 'Summer Blush' because of its warm tone.
It’s a burnt Orange, very Vibrant, Pigmented blush with micro gold shimmer. It is such a Beautiful color in the Pan. I don’t have anything like this in my Blush Collection. The only Orange cheek Product that I own is MAC Optimistic Orange Cremeblend blush.

Swatch of NARS Blush in Taj Mahal

The texture of the blush is soft and fine. Like all NARS blushes it has an amazing Pigmentation. Taj Mahal Blush is true to its color. It does not turns red, pink, peach or for that matter to any other color on blending. It blends in well and lasts for long hours.

The application is kind of tricky. The color is Burnt Orange, so on my skin tone, if I apply more, it makes me look sun burnt. If I apply too less, it looks like a warm, orange bronzer (like Pumpkin) , which is not very flattering. If you are lighter skin tone, the ‘orange’ part of the blush is visible, but on my skin tone of NC42, which is really tanned now, it does not gives the flush that I was expecting. Even though this is a summer blush, I think it would be more flattering on me when I am a bit less tanned.

The blush looks beautiful in the evenings though. The shimmers are gold toned and they are soo micro fine that the glow imparted is beautiful.

I need to figure out a better tool to apply this. Also, how much quantity I pick matters too. I am liking the blush but Honestly I am not soo crazy about this now.
Its too early to just say that its not working. I need to spend some more time with it and try out various brushes.

Do you have NARS Taj Mahal or any Orange toned Blush? What do you feel about it? Any tips you guys can share?


  1. I find that I have to use a VERY tiny amount of this blush. I am a neutral-warm NW40/NC43 (or Nars Tahoe). I also find that applying this with a duo-fibre brush works best for me too.

  2. I own this and love it! Orange blush looks great on tanned skin.

  3. I use a fan brush, very small amount, just on the apples. I'm around NC 35-37.

  4. This is on my wishlist, despite that I 'm usually not very tanned!
    I can see what you mean about it though!
    How about a 187/188 type blush or a fan brush that would pack less colour than regular dense&fluffy blush brushes (just an idea here, I would assume they would work better)!


  5. Thank you Lovelies for all the tips.... I was using 187 LE brush. I will try using a fan brush next time. Need to buy 188 ASAP!!

  6. I'd use that as an eyeshadow! I don't know if it would flatter my nc30 or not thou :S

  7. oohhhhh nice shade. I need to add this to my collection



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