August 16, 2010


Hi all you beauties....

Me reporting from base again...Hope everyone is doing good. Me fine...battling my sickness, which technically is not illness (yes, hacking Cough is not something that will fetch you flowers and sympathy). Its just so uncomfortable that only I have to face.

Did some Back to School Shopping for my son and some shopping for my trip to Florida next month. Yeah, shopping should never sickness or health...Right??

I did pick some stuff from CCO, but was not restricted to MAC alone. Tried to branch out again with Bobbi Brown and Estee Lauder stuff.
I should be buying NEW stuff, if I have to keep this blog running. You know what I mean....People are not interested in seeing Old stuff or reviews of items available. Everyone wants new stuff, new swatches, new comparisons....I personally don't have money to spend on every collection and I have no PR contacts aswell. Just have no clue what I can post on the blog to keep you all entertained and informed...

Suggestions are really needed. Please do comment and let me know.

I will be around...and you all have a wonderful week ahead



  1. There's nothing wrong with pulling out neglected stuff from your stash and bringing it out! :)

    Why not do colour coordinated days of the week? Must have reds (lips, nails, blush) on monday, pinks on tuesday etc..

  2. plz do ur makeup collection post with pictures :D would love to see ur stash

  3. Kinda my thoughts lately too... it's not easy to always be on top of all the new releases, esp when you 're trying to hunt down items from permanent collections.. but we can always talk about well loved products that are not LE and incorporate them into looks etc! ;)




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