August 17, 2010

MAC Color Forecast - Color 4 Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Color Forecast - Color 4 Eyeshadow Quad

This is an absolutely Stunning quad, that was released by MAC in the Spring of 2010. The quad has a beautiful set of warm colors, which are wearable and easy to work with.

The colors and the Finishes

* Aztec Brick – Frosted true copper (Veluxe Pearl) (Limited Edition)
* Creole Beauty – Frosted dark golden brown (Frost) (Limited Edition)
* Flip – Bronze gold (Frost) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
* Manila Paper – Pale frosted white gold (Veluxe Pearl) (Limited Edition)

The finishes are all lovely and the shadows are soft and easy to work with. Its great to see all the colors workable and wearable in one quad. At my CCO, I also saw Notoriety Quad, which had one lovely color, but the others were just pain in *** to even swatch.

MAC Color Forecast - Color 4 Eyeshadow Quad Comparisons
MAC Dreammaker, Rice Paper, Bold n Brazen, Romp, Bronze, Flip

Urban Decay Half Baked, Blunt

Note: I mis-marked the Creole Beauty and Aztec Brick in above picture. The first picture is correctly marked/labelled.

The colors or the quad in general is not the most Original concept. Most of the colors look pretty common and dupable. They reminded me of some colors that I already own and surprisingly, even though they appear same, they are not similar. I did forget to pull out Mulch, Amber Lights in the picture, but in real life they all are different.

MAC Color Forecast - Color 4 Eyeshadow Quad and
LORAC Little Black Palette

The LORAC Quad is pretty much on the same lines (color family), though the color are obviously different.

It is a great quad, especially if you love Neutrals, Golds or are a warm toned person. This is still available at CCOs and at $25, 4 shadows nestled in a magnetic quad....You won't regret...I promise...

As I add one more Palette to my Stash, I just clicked this pic below, a drawer that hold some of my palette.

I admit, I cleaned and organized it before clicking...:)


  1. I remember this quad! I was tempted to purchase it but decided not to. Very nice storage for the makeup :)

  2. Looking at your post, I realized I had made a mistake in regards to the two bottom eyeshadow names when I reviewed this a while back... *bad blogger - slaps hand on the wrist*! :(


  3. @LaDamaBianca: Me too...:) Some times though they release duds...

    @Kristie: Its a pretty one for sure...Thank you..:)

    @tina_mbc: No, I made a mistake in marking....will edit it ASAP...:)

  4. I love to see peoples MU stash....nicely organized. ;-)

  5. That's such a pretty quad! Now, I want one too. lol

  6. I had to triple check just now, lol! God, they 're confusing...! :)


  7. I have this quad, too, and I love "Aztec Brick" to smoke out black or dark brown eyeshadows, you get that sunset look above the black! :-) (if that makes ANY sense)! :-))



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