August 31, 2010

Clinique: Even Better Skintone Corrector - Review

Clinique as a brand hardly disappoints me with their skin care line. I have used and liked many of their Products and this EVEN BETTER SKINTONE CORRECTOR is no different.

I have been using this product since past 13 weeks or more and the results have been pretty satisfying.

If you have been reading my posts for sometime, you probably know that my main skin concern is uneven skin tone, Hyperpigmentation, Dark Spots. I have no issues with Acne, Scarings etc, but the over all skin tone is very uneven.

Ironically the name of the product is EXACT answer to my problem.

Application: AM and PM
Duration: 13 weeks plus

The Texture: The texture is soft, liquidy lotion (not watery nor thick as cream or gel). It is very light weight Serum, that spreads very easily, which is why not a lot of product is needed. The product gets fully absorbed in the skin and does not leaves the skin greasy or sticky. It does leaves a moisturized feel. If you are someone with oily skin, you might not want to use this under your makeup, but my skin leaning towards drier side, I enjoy its moisturized feel that it leaves.

The Fragrance: It has a mild fragrance, but nothing that would bother. I can’t even pin point what exactly it smells like, but whatever it is, its non bothering.

The Effect: My regular use of this as an AM and PM routine has shown decent difference in my skin tone. It appears more even. If I pick one particular hyper pigmented spot or area on my skin, I would not say its completely gone, but the over all appearance of the skin is good. It appears very clean and Bright. I would not compare it to fading creams, that has Hydroquinone which targets on the Melanine Production of a Hyper pigmented spot.

I also noticed my skin has not developed any new uneven patch or darkness around my mouth area. I must also admit, I didn’t see much difference for the first 4 weeks, but around 6th week the face was telling a different story. I was pretty religious too with using the product.
For the first 3 weeks I was using Philosophy Hope in Jar too, but then I stopped using it because it was difficult to understand which one was working and how.

The Packaging: It comes in a bottle, with a pump. The best thing is, the bottle can be opened and is not sealed. This is good, because it gives me the option of checking the product status when I am running low.

It’s a good product to try if you have a skin condition similar to mine. Regularity and Patience are needed the most, so is liberal use of Sunscreen.

What are your Favorite products for Hyper pigmentation and Uneven Skin tone condition? Have you used this Product? Did you like it?


  1. Sounds like exactly what I need. I have hyperpigmentation issues too. It's so pricey that I was afraid it would be a waste since I haven't tried many Clinique products. I might actually give it a go.

    Thanks for the review!


  2. Looks like this is getting rave reviews from the beauty community. I must take a look! I have acne scaring left but am scared of using most products since skin is so dang sensitive.

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