August 16, 2010


'BEAUTY BUYS' is another term coined for the infamous 'HAUL'. Its just thelistof things I buy and the ones you will hear me 'yak', 'blab', 'review'aboutin next few posts!!! Call this a 'Preview'...

This is my recent purchase from my Local CCO (Cosmetic Compant Outlet)

The collection at my CCO is Amazing...and this time was no different. Products from Spring Forecast were well displayed and I could see tons of MSFs and Mineralize Blush duos. The store also had new pigments in Universal Mix and one more brown in new packaging . I don't remember the name of the collection though. All the Creme Blend Blushes were easily available.

Goodies I picked:

1. MAC Spring Color Forecast Quad. The Color 4 one with all the warm colors. (This is something which is not to be passed, if you get your hands on)

2. MAC Lustre Drops in Sunrush.

3. Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Blondie Pink (My first ever BB Lip product)

4. Estee Lauder Lipstick in Vintage Mauve and Earthy Nude (My first ever Lipsticks from EL)

5. MAC Fragrances in Dejarose and Africananimal. These smell Divine, but the quantity is just 20ml!!! Its so Tiny. One Fragrance was $18 and other was $20. I have no idea, why they were priced differently though. Both are LE products. The quantity Vs Price Ratio of these Fragrances SUCK big time.

6. Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Corrector. (This has soon become my HG Skincare Item. I have already used 2 small tubes of the same product, which were half the quantity of this one.)

There were many stuff, that I wanted. Especially Eyeshadows. I restrained myself. It was too overwhelming to add any more shadows to my stash. Color 4 quad was something that I wanted since day one. There was no guilt buying this one.
Most of the CCO get similar products. You would want to try your nearest one to get any products you like from above. Also there was Color quad 3 for all you Purple lovers out there...


  1. Those are my 2 favorite MAC fragrances. I wish I had gotten back-ups. I feel like Bobbi Brown products are horribly overpriced.

  2. Also, can you do a review of the Clinique skin tone corrector?? I have some hyperpigmentation that I am always trying to get rid of :)

  3. Oooh, the quad!!! Need to show mine some love, lol!
    Very wearable, I think you 'll love it! ;)
    Great haul!


  4. Resham, you gotta let me know how the Clinique lotion works! Enjoy your new goodies.



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