July 8, 2010

Random Rambling...MAC - In the Groove

This collection is everywhere....seriously, everywhere...Thanks to the Mineralize Skin Finish in STEREO ROSE....This baby came and is Gone...Its nowhere to be found.

Stereo rose created this Mad Frenzy!!

People who got it are Ecstatic and singing its praises. People who missed it, are still lemming and searching...
There are some like me, who remain unaffected...

Why? I don't know.

Maye be the collection was full of Mineralize products, that are not my first love to begin with.
Maybe, I am one of those people, who cannot visualize a collection initially, when the promos are released.
Maybe, I am one of those dumbs, who realise the beauty of a product when its gone.

After seeing the swatches on Temptalia, I think Stereo Rose is a Lovely color, but not so Unique to create all the Drama. The potential dupes that were shown on Temptalia are pretty good and I don't see why missing on Stereo Rose would be Sad...

Whatever may be the reason, I feel I am missing all the fun. I feel very much left out from the whole Beauty community Discussion by missing on Ripe Peach, Marine Life and Stereo Rose.
Honestly, I know I don't need any of these in my life...

P.S: Random Rambling are just Random thoughts. Please excuse the Grammer or lack of words in expressing these thoughts...


  1. No worries. I'm with you on this one. Maybe I'll change my mind when I see it in person but by then it'll be too late but oh well. It just looks so coral and I'm not wowed by it either!

  2. To be honest the only reason I got SR is because I have wanted it forrrevvverrr lol So I felt like if I didn't get it then I would keep wanting it forever. I felt like I missed out big time on Marine Life, but that faded away eventually. I think it is gorgeous in the pan, but actually kinda average once on.(<~~SR)

  3. I use Stereo Rose and i very appreciate it.
    It's a very pretty colour.
    Sorry for my bad english...i am italian.

  4. I haven't gone to a MAC store for a long time, so I'm left out of all the discussion too, lol

  5. Agreed... I like it, it's pretty, and all the hype makes it even more covetable, but realistically I know I wouldn't wear it and that it would be wrong for my skin... not to mention that MAC increased the MSF prices by 30% here (so it would cost me 33 euros = 42 dollars, so not worth it imo..)!


  6. I was in the hype. I do love the eye shadows tho, the consistency seems different from their other ones. Not as chunky. I love them. probably more so than sr lol.



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