July 28, 2010



When I bought my First NARS Lipstick in March, I though this was the most expensive lipstick I was buying. Who knew very soon TOM FORD lipsticks would become one of my dream luxuries...Oh well, I still feel $24 for a lipstick is 'PRICEY'.

A pure, creamy lipstick formula for bold color. Nars Lipsticks are enriched with
vitamin E to increase wearability and keep true color intact. Sheer finish
creates the most natural, stained-looking lips. Semi-matte produces velvety,
full-bodied lips. Finally, satin fashions creamy, moist-looking lips.

Swatch of NARS Lipstick in Dolce Vita -Single Swipe

So these come in three finishes and the one I have is Dolce Vita, which is a sheer finish. Needless to say, its not the most pigmented lipstick. The sheer formula is comparable to MAC Lustre formulas.

The Texture and Pigmentation (of Dolce Vita):

It is soft, creamy, with a glossy finish to it. The pigmentation is obviously sheer, more like a stain or Pigmented LipBalm.

The Color (of Dolce Vita):

It is a lovely, dusty rose color, which has less of mauve and more of coral?? (thats one hell of a description). There is no sparkle or chunky glitter. It gives a glossy shine and finish on the the lips.

MAC Cosmo and NARS Dolce Vita

The color is close to MAC Cosmo in tube, but the finish of Cosmo is a satin, which makes it more pigmented.

The application is smooth. It glides easily and is moisturizing. No drying of lips at all. It lasts for just 2 hours and then I have to re-apply.

It even reminded me of Kat Von D lipstick in Lolita, but again the formula is different and Lolita has more milky pink touch to it.

All these comparisons and Descriptions of colors are horrible. I have attached the best pictures I could click.

Overall, I like NARS as a Brand for their Blushes and Multiples. I have not tried many lipsticks, but the one that I have tried, I think its pretty pricey and similar effect can be achieved from less expensive brands.

(You can see some of NARS in-store Lipstick swatches here and here)


  1. thanks for all the info, may have to try this one... never know where to start !!

  2. I too have this color which was touted as MLBB for every skin tone. The color is ok but if I have to decide again, I wouldn't buy it this time around. It's pricey but not worth the $.

  3. I really really want Belle de jour lipstick, i just do, but i'm just going to tie my hands and my feet, and hide my credit card. Yup.

  4. Tom Ford lippies are pricey...

  5. Wow, that is very pretty color!

  6. Ooh great comparison! I've always wondered if there was a cheaper but similar colour to Dolce Vita! I agree, $24 for a lipstick is a lot :X

  7. Its sheer, but it can be worn everyday. $24 is steep though.

  8. Dolce Vita is a pretty lipstick. I like how it's juicy looking when you wear it on. I just don't like the staying power. The price is expensive as well. It's the only Nars lipstick I own right now. I prefer the matte pencils. I also dont like the smell of nars lipsticks...lol

  9. It looks like a gorgeous shade to have as a lipstick (I have the lipgloss version and I 'm thinking it would be great for fall)!
    Sucks though that the lipstick is not very pigmented...!


  10. I have them both. Mac cosmo is more pigmented and long staying but it's drying that makes my lips chapped. Nars dolce vita is sheer and it doesn't dry my lips but same as what Zerin said about the staying power. You have to re-apply it always after 2-3 hrs it does run out fast.



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