July 19, 2010


Fountain Festival at Longwoods Garden

Hiya all...

How is everyone doing in this Warm Weather? I am Baking...Baking like a Potato!

Saturday evening was the only time when it was a bit cool here. I had been to this Fountain festival, where they have Light, Fountain and Music display all in Sync. I luckily have this Garden an hour from my home and its pretty well maintained. My Family goes there ofetn.

I also got my watches from the Nordstroms Anniversary sale and I did pick a product that I had been wanting sooo long. Its my second CHANEL...So so excited about that.

I didn't see BURBERRY Beauty in my Nordstroms, because I think they have released the line in selected Nordstroms. I don't have any idea which Nordstroms though.
The collection looks good. The packaging is Chic and Classy,but looking at the Promos and Color selections (esp foundation), it seems Burberry has filtered many skintones.
As a Consumer, I don't see many stuff working for my skintone. I would choose to believe that they will increase their range after seeing the initial response.

Ok, so now the rant is over, I can talk about something else. Oh, I have funny problems with Twitter. There are some 68 lovely people who have chose to hit the "Follow me" button and now I feel its my duty to at least tweet something...I am not getting the hang of this micro blogging site. I really don't undertsand the point of tweeting my itenary for the day, my menu selection or weather reports. Seriously, I don't know what to Tweet!!!!

With a hearty laugh, I say bbye to all of you and wish you have a great and fantastic week ahead.



  1. haha tweet about what everyone thinks you should tweet about. Yea that'll get a kick out of people. The color collection for Burberry is definitely color filtered and I do hope they include more colors on the foundation side of things.

  2. LOL for Teeting about daiLY chores! Seriously, is anybody interested??



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