July 12, 2010



Hi Friends,

A warm Hello from me...Hope you all doing good. Me fine and bored. Bored??? Yes, Bored!
I have not beein posting much on the journal. There are so many things I need to share, some reveiws, buys...but I am so lazy and bored, that I just don't feel like doing anything for the Blog.
Thats a Shame...Seriously, after reading TEMPTALIA Blogging day, I could only imagine her Dedication and Sincerity. Kudos! to her efforts for bringing the best to us.

Oh, the FIFA match yesterday was not as Fantastic and Thrilling as I wanted it to be. It lacked the fun of Finals. Tina rightly said it was more like Karate...and not Soccer. They were playing so Rough.

I pity the poor Octopus...He is the REAL STAR though.

What else? I will try to post as much as I can this week. I did buy By Candlelight MSF from the new collection. I know..I know...I am not a MSF person..They just don't work for me, but the lovely lady at MAC...she talked me to buying that...

Enough Rambling....Talk to you guys soon.
Have a nice week...



  1. =) I like the picture. Go Paul the Octopus! How did that lady sucker you into By Candlelight? She must be good ;)

  2. Lol, I was thinking how many bruises each player left the game with at one point...!

    Btw, I completely agree with u about Christine's dedication, she's so inspirational!!!

    Let's hope that we can find a teenie bit of that dedication ourselves, and you know my feelings about blogging lately, it's just hard to be pumped I guess....!


  3. @Kristie: Oh yes, she was good! She said all nice things for my skin and my glow and how By Candlelight will make it glow more...lol! I was beefed up and $30 Lighter..LMAO!

    @Tina: I used to ger bugged up by the response on my blog...but then now I feel, its cyclic..I have to invest both time and Money on the blog initially...Loads of money (for buying products)..may be that will increase readership and then after 2-3 years...May be I will be noticed by PR of High end brands and get scoops and products before hand...
    It all makes sense, if I plan things professionally..On my level...Its more of Fun n my Traincase...lol!!
    At least we read each others blog...LOL!!



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