July 5, 2010



I am back, like every week....Its a freakin hot morning here...100 deg F! and I have to cook for 4 guests today... Its kinda boring because after past two days of fun, its a little.....

Anyways, I had been to this outlet mall on Saturday and got some good stuff. This mall is like 30 minutes away from my home and it goes through lovely small country roads, with many Antique Shops. This is the first outlet mall I have been to that involves NO travel through the Highways. It was such a lovely, Scenic drive and its so near to my House!! wonder why I never went there???

I did buy some bags and a watch. The CCO there was good, so were the ladies. I didn't pick much make-up as I am eyeing some stuff from new collections from brands other than MAC. I did pick this Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Copper Diamond. Usually Shimmer Bricks are a bit more Shimmery than I want them to, but the swatches of this one appeared less shimmery...We will see.

What else... Oh, the lack of comments on my posts are making me feel a bit low. I kind of get these doubts...Should I continue to blog...Is it worth all the time and energy and enthusiasm....I am not sure. I have these kind of Self doubt moments....

Hope you all have a great week ahead...and this week will fly by...as we are already done with Monday...Sort of..



  1. What are you cooking?! I know how you feel about the comments..in fact I feel really disheartened by my lack of followers..I think surely I'm not that boring! :( Well your blog is fabulous and I love it chick! Keep on writing more because your posts make me smile!
    PS That mall sounds great..I love when I make little discoveries like that!


  2. aww I always read and try to comment on your blog. Keep on doing what you love. I know what u mean about getting comments. They did say 99% of people online are lurkers but don't comment.

  3. i always read your blog...but i never comment :-/ but keep it up! i ♥ it

  4. I don't always have the time to comment, etc, but I do try to read every post from u hun! :)


  5. To all you lovely girls...
    I know you people read often, but I also know you are THE ONLY people reading...lol!


  6. I read every post but don't comment often. I love your blog :)



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