July 14, 2010



I didn’t went to buy this. I didn’t wanted any MSF in my life. Past experiences with this product were not so good. Refined MSF was powdery, Redhead MSF broke, New Vegas was full of chunky glitter and some accentuated my pores.

I wanted to pick Happy Together Blush and the MAC MA convinced me to buy By Candlelight. She said all the good things about the product, she made me believe that I would look absolutely beautiful and Gorgeous, if I wore this. She even dusted a bit on my cheeks.

Now, in MAC and Sephora Lighting anybody can look like J.LO and Joliee…Stupid me, I paid full price and purchased this pretty goody.
The worst part…This was at my CCO last week from past collection at discounted rate….Such a loser!

Anyways, I am glad that she convinced me to pick this. Its finely milled and soft. It looks so good when blended and the sheen imparted it absolutely stunning, It is not glittery or shimmery. This one did not accentuate any pores and its fantastic. I have nothing much to express. There are tons of lovely reviews and cheek swatches on the internet.

I asked my MA to give me the MSF, that has the veinings at the side. This would not turn ashy on anybody. My MU told me. I did see two different MUA, with different skintones wearing the same product.

It’s a fragile product and I am scared that I may wreck this one like Redhead.
I would still prefer to believe that MSFs are shimmery and don't work for me, except two. Warmed and By Candlelight!


  1. Glad you're enjoying By Candlelight. I can't pull this color off on my skin at all. Hopefully MAC brings back Warmed since I missed out on it.

  2. If MAC ever repromotes "So Ceylon" try out that one, too! It's not glittery at all (which I hate) and I love it!

  3. I have tried on my skin in the shop.
    Then, I bought Stereo Rose.

  4. I have By Candlelight too now & it's really pretty! :)

  5. By Candlelight is very pretty, I picked it up in the first release. I love that it's much finer than some of the other shades!

  6. @Kristie: I am liking it so far. Lets see if remains in my good books for long time..

    @Blusherine: I had So Ceylon. Initially I used it often, then I found that it looked weird in photos on me...so I traded it.

    @LaDamaBianca: Stereo Rose looks pretty from Everyone's swatches...You have a GEM there in your Vanity!

  7. This is the only one I 'd consider getting from the msf's (I think it would be much more flattering than say, ahem.. Stereo Rose)... looks so pretty!!! :)


  8. I loved this color. I bought two.

  9. Just wanted to let you know I gave you a Blog Award on my blog: http://mzxqztt.blogspot.com/

    Take a look and follow the rules! Congrats!

  10. @tina: Stereo Rose is pretty in swatches, but I also liked the potential dupes it had...also MSFs are hard to travel with...

    @PrissyPinkRocker: Good...I am always tempted to buy back ups, but I controll myself.

    @MzXqzt: Thank you so much for the award. I highly appreciate it...:)

  11. I'm glad you finally got this MSF...I love it and I believe it almost suits all skintones. Enjoy!



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