July 12, 2010

A Little Bag/Purse Haul

Company Outlets are the only place where I can afford Good quality 'Brand name' Bags and Purses. Buying from Outlets means I am going to get Old Fashioned, out dated stuff...but I am fine with that. I have rarely seen 'Latest' stuff at Outlets.

As long as it is Good Quality and BRANDED (lol) I am fine. I picked these bags last week on my trip to a local outlet mall.

This is a Beige bag and very soft, good quality leather. I liked that it can be carried on Shoulders too. The MK metal logo is cool too.

This White GUESS purse is very Teenage'ish'. Its Patent Leather kind of material, with Black prints on one side and plain the other. I can carry it both ways. My hubby thinks its Tacky, but I liked it. It reminds me of those Summery White Totes.

This is a Coach Purse, which has the Lovely 'Carriage' kind of design on it. Its Fabric kind of material. I don't know how to clean these kind of Fabric material bags.
(I am so lousy with their description)

This is a Coach Leather purse. Just needed a non fussy, basic Black purse that I can carry on shoulders. I like the Coach Metal Logo/charm.

Owning a Balenciage and LV is my major purse dream. As of now, I can't justify spending soo much on a purse. Maybe in future.

My mom thinks any purse with no pockets is useless, more pockets means more value and she feels LV guys cheat us, by giving us a Speedy, with no pockets....lol!


  1. Great bag haul.
    I love the first one the best!

  2. nicee!!! i like the MK one too!!! whats the price range for the coach bags from the outlet center? i mean how good a deal are u getting by not buying from the store itself..sorry i dont have coach outlet where i live so was jus wondering and envying u ;)

  3. I like the first bag! Outlets are the best in finding awesome prices. Great picks Resham.

  4. Wow great haul! Bags are my second obsession after makeup so I love this post! :D

    I wish I had some outlets near me!

    I'd like to go shopping with you, we could do some damage! Lol! :D

  5. My mom thinks the same about LV !!! Ahhh ignorance !!!!

  6. I 'm gonna dream about that buttery leather of that first one from now on!!!

    Pretty impressive bag haul there missy! :)


  7. I'm glad you found a bag or shall I say a few bags...lol. Sorry I didnt blog about any...I dont really shop much for BIG bags. The ones I already have were expensive and good quality so they'll last me till i'm gone. :-)
    I do buy clutches often though...
    BTW...I love the MK bag the most.

  8. @Rai: Thank girl...That first MK one is my fav too..but its prone to get Dirty!

    @Anon: The Coach ones that I have picked are less than 100 bucks each..The leather one is around $87 and the Fabric one is around $90.

    These are all old models and not from their current collections, which is more pricey, so outlets are like 60% off or if I get coupon, its even 75% at times!!

  9. @Lipgloss Gossip: We will go crazy buying stuff...its like ENABLERS together,...lol!!

    @Rashi: HaHa...Practically, they are correct...Fashion wise..Ignorant!

    @Tina: The MK store had good bags..they had TAN and other shades too..but all in same model as the buttery one..Michael Kors makes good watches and Bags at decently affordable range..and you get fashionable stuff!



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