July 19, 2010


This is a permanent shade of DIOR Skin shimmer powder, a product I have been obsessed with since I got my first one in Amber Diamond.
This is not “have to have” color for me, simply because it is a cool Highlighter and I enjoy warm highlighters more than cool ones, obviously with few exceptions.

To me Rose Diamond is more like “need to complete the collection” Product.

It is a cool, pink Highlighter and works beautifully over matte, pink blushes like Desire, Cheek and similar ones. Its not too frosty or filled with Chunky Glitters. The texture is soft and finely milled like the other two colors that I have. You can read my review on the Amber Diamond shade here, if interested.

I personally avoid running my brush on the last white strip, to get a more subtle, luminous glow. The pink on this reminded me of MAC Pleasantry Blush and they are pretty close. Pleasantry is Obviously more pigmented.
The color of Dior Pink in this particular picture appears more warm, but in real life its very close to Pleasantry. I would say, the first Picture is pretty true to the product.

I also compared it with Cargo Sunset Beach, a Blush cum Highlighter that works wonderfully on my skin tone. It has decent color payoff and subtle sheen. I use sunset Beach as Highlighter too over pink blushes, before I purchased this one.

Lighter Skintones can enjoy using this as Blush and I think it might leave a whitish cast on very dark skintones.
The staying power is Fantastic and I Love the texture a Lot. Now only I am missing the POP DIAMOND 004 from my collection. It was limited Edition.
I am glad I bought it.


  1. Pretty - I feel like I need this too! It looks pretty pigmented! One thing I absolutely am dying to own though is MAC Cheek Blush that you mentioned ahh - any ideas on where Ic ould find it (I've looked on ebay, cco, etc)! I think it'd complete my blush collection nicely!

  2. Pretty colours!
    But J prefer a peach colour on my skin!

  3. @Amy: Girl, you are having loads and loads of fun shoppin and roaming...I saw all your pics and Vlogs and Hauls...lol!
    The Rose Diamond is pigmeneted, but i think it is best when layered. CHEEK blush is a pigmented version of INSTANT CHIC. The blush queen Melformakeup confirmed it...:)I think you can try MakeupAlley...its pretty old product..

    @LaDamaBianca: I so wish DIOR come up wth a Peach and Gold Shimmer Powders

  4. This is a beautiful color. I think I need this to by ASAP!

  5. The colors look very pretty Resham but I just can't stand the frostiness of their eyeshadows/blushes. Glad it's working for ya!

  6. @Hailey: Its a lovely color!

    @Kristie: To avoid the frostiness, I just skip the lightest bands. With Copper Diamond and Amber Diamond, the problem is not much though.

  7. Ok, sold! I 'm now convinced that this would be a perfect highlighter for pinkier blushes..!
    In fact, I use Amber Diamond more than any other highlighter I own (my MAC msf's are basically just sitting there), so Rose Diamond would make sense as well!
    If only they weren't so damn pricey! :(




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