July 17, 2010


This is my first DIOR Lipgloss. I knew I wanted to buy this color in Tailored Mauve the day I saw it on The Beauty Look Book. I purchased it last week, when I went to pre-order my Watches from the Nordies Anniversary sale.

The packaging:
Its bulky and heavy. It sure does give this classy feel of owning an expensive lipgloss though….It comes with a dense Brush Applicator and the brush head is small enough to give a precise application.

The texture:
The gloss is not very sticky or goopy. It is not very thin in consistency, but its not thick either. Its smooth and glides beautifully. It has no obvious scent and it tastes sweet.

The color:
Tailored Mauve is a purple-pink gloss, a purple which is wearble, unlike Lavender Whip. Its Mauve, yeah, its Mauve…with lovely glossy finish. Its not totally milky or opaque. It is semi- sheer.
The pigmentation is good, but it didn’t last very long. Maybe, because I was licking it in between. I had to re-apply after 3 hours or so.

Swatches of Smashbox Pout, MAC Eclectic Edge, Dior Tailored Mauve
Buxom Dani, Illamasqua Move and MAC Love Child

A few color comparisons that I was reminded of when I swatched this. Its very close to MAC Eclectic Edge, which was LE. I love these kind of colors. Its so wearable!
Its no where close to MAC Lovechild Lipglass, but I always have this habit of comparing any damn color with Love Child. Its my one of my all time Favorite Lipgloss by MAC.

This is my first experience with DIOR gloss and if I had not known the name, it would had been difficult to find something there at the counter. The glosses have only number on tube and the actual name on the box. Thanks to Sabrilina of The Beauty Look Book, I read this piece of Information on her website.

I am pleased with this gloss and color. I am liking the brand and its not a good thing, because its expensive and there is no outlet carrying DIOR make-up at Discounted price. I would be very selective in choosing lipgloss and lipstick from this brand. Just don’t want to buy “sheer” shades by paying so much!


  1. I have tried them all. Nothing beats a Juicy Tube.

  2. It's so brilliant!
    Very nice colour.

  3. Great pick Resham. Dior glosses are very light compared to MAC and they're not sticky.

  4. @Ballet News: Juicy tube by Lancome? I have heard very good things about Lancome Juicy Tubes..and Lancome has good GWP too.

    @LaDamaBianca: Yeah, it sure is a pretty color..:)

    @Kristie: Yes, the consistency is good...I like MAC Cremesheens though...

  5. Resham I agree about the MAC Cremesheens...But, i can't compare the two, as I haven't tried Dior glosses.
    Though you should try Dior High Shine lipsticks....they are real good

  6. Eclectic Edge looks so pretty! I wonder why didn't I buy it when it was around?? DIOR is lovely, but pricey.



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