June 26, 2010

STILA - It Girl Eye Shadow Trio Palette

It Girl Eye Shadow Trio Palette

Anybody obsessed with makeup knows ‘Orgasm’ and ‘Kitten’ have two meanings.
Never trying any of these and calling myself a beauty blogger is close to CARDINAL SIN!
Well I am on Sin side….Never tried Kitten eyeshadow from Stila. This palette gave me chance of trying 3 shades for just 10 bucks! Can’t beat that…

Lame, Chloe, Kitten

A trio of Stila's award-winning eyeshadows in a chic palette.
Stila's award-winning eyeshadows are recognized for their high-quality formula and
texture, which can be worn wet or dry.

Lovely Warm shades

The palette includes three shades:

Lamé -- shimmering gold
Chloe -- shimmering bronze
Kitten -- shimmering nude pink

Swatches of Stila eyeshadows in Lame, Chloe, Kitten

These are a little smaller than the usual Stila Eyeshadow. Its almost the size of MAC eyeshadow. All three are beautiful tucked in a palette, which is sturdy and snaps shut well. No Cardboard and Magent business here.

Pure Love!!!

Lame: This is a lovely, lovely Gold Color. By now, most of you know I am such a sucker for Golds. The texture is smooth and soft. I find the color in Lame is bit powdery in texture. Its not buttery kinds. Its very Shimmery too. This would make a very nice lid color.

Chloe: This is a Shimmery Bronze Color and has more Golden hues to it. It has no red undertones and this one reminds me a lot of the Cocomotion Pigment. The texture is smooth aswell and this one is not as powdery as Lame. It would make a nice warm lid color or outer crease color.

Kitten: The infamous Kitten!! Its a Shimmery Pink Champagne color. I honestly don't understand the hype. Its like many other colors I have seen. Its a beautiful one, no dobt. I guess Kitten was released way before other dupes or similar color from various Brands popped. This one makes a nice lid color or inner tear corner color to brighten the look. This can be worn alone with a lovely winged liner or layered over various colored cream bases. Pretty Versatile color.
The texture is soft and smooth again, but still not the most buttery one.

Swatches of Stila It Girl Eye Shadow Trio Palette

In my swatches, the Kitten one looks very pale and shimmery, I believe due to the flash. These colors are very nicely pigmented and blend easily. I did experience some fall outs though. As these can be used both wet or dry, I can take care of the fallouts.

The palette is a lovely one, but I would not use all the colors in conjugation with each other. The finishes of all shadows are shimmery, so my end result would be 'Disco Eyes'. Its a nice collection of Lid colors and at $10, I should not be complaining!!

The palette is available at Sephora website for limited time only.

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  1. WoW! Such pretty swatches! I can't wait to get mines. =)



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