June 18, 2010


PIGMENT PASSION is a series that will feature MAC Pigments, their texture, the
ways I use them and all the fun stuff. One pigment will be posted every
Friday and I will try to share whatever pigment colors I own.


This was instant LOVE! I picked this one from my CCO, totally based on its external appearance and name. Vintage and Gold...both things just called my name...
It is a PRO Pigment, that was a part of the Overrich Collection. The color is described as 'Tarnished Green with Gold pearl'. The description is pretty true to the color. Its a lovely Dirty, Olive'y' green with Gold shimmers. The shimmers are finely milled and they mix so well with the green, almost giving it a fine metallic finish.

Vintage Gold Pigment Swatch

When light hits the color, the gold sheen that is imparted is so elegant! The color is in the same family as Henna, Sumptous Olive, Mink and Sable, but prettier. The finish is fine, metallic and rich Gold!

The pigmentation is obviously awesome and its very easy to blend with practically no fallouts.

Vintage Gold (different lighting)

Ways I use Vintage Gold Pigment:

1. As lid color, all by itself.

2. Blonde's Gold in the inner lid, Vintage Gold on the middle and outer lid, with Museum Bronze in Crease. This is the most common way I use.

3. Over a dark black base. I use a black liner, smudge it and then apply Vintage Gold.

4. Vintage Gold with Humid in Crease and Gorgeous gold in the inner corners.

Ways Vintage Gold can be used.

1. With a Vibrant Orange like Firespot and Purple like Hepcat.

2. With Copper and Teal colors.

I can visualize all fantastic looks with this color, but I am too timid to try these and have practically NO confidence in carrying a bold look. I am one of those people, who is not able to give full justice to this lovely color!


  1. Is this still available at pro stores?

  2. I think this series will give me some serious motivation to use my pigmenrs more :D

  3. ahhhhhh whenever u post ur pigment passion posts...i get so sad!! i love love pigments and buy them like crazy but when it comes to applying them i have major major fallout no matter how slowly i pat it on my eyelid aftr a while i see it under my lower lash line!! any tips pleaseee? :)

  4. This looks way too pretty and the texture looks so easy to work with too.... I 've been meaning to get Mink & Sable for my green/blue palette... but now I 'm thinking of this one instead... oh decisions, decisions...!

    Great buy hun!


  5. @Stephanie: Yes, dear...It is available at pro store. The website shows it has...:)

    @em: Lovely girl...glad that you are back...:) Pigments get over-looked...but some of them are seriously lovely!

    @Amira: Thanks Amira...I know you love these kind of colors!! Hey, hw similar do you think this is to the MUFE gold that has green hues?

    @Tina_mbc: This is definately prettier than Mink and Sable. I will swatch all of them again side by side...this has more Gold I believe..:)

  6. @sum: Some of them definately have too much fall out. E.g: Solar bits kind of things. Also, Cocomotion, Gold Mode have some fall out too.
    I personally use 242 brush, slightly damped wth Fix plus or even water. That is the brush I think fantastic to pick color.
    Patting motion is must, which you do.
    Lastly I apply loose powder under the eyes and cheeks and try to brush the fall outs...but honestly, that is messy wth Dark colored pigments...
    I know I am not much help here...told ya, not a make-up artist...:)

  7. thanks il try using a 242 brush..thanks for ur tips..makeup artist or not its nice of u to reply back :) what do u use as a base...UDPP or a paintpot or nothing at all? thanks once again

  8. @Sum: You are being kind...:)
    I always use UDPP. When I use the pigments wet, they gve a vibrant, foiled effect over UDPP, but for some e/s I use Paint pots and Creaseless creme shadows, depending on the shade.



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