June 14, 2010


This is my first time using any creme blush from NARS. I have tried and loved NARS Multiples, so I was pretty positive that I would like the creme blushes too.
The product no doubt is a nice one, but the color is a wrong choice for me.


This blush is creme to powder kind of blush. Its light weight, non-sticky and blends beautifully. I use my fingers to apply this. It is soft and does not dries quickly. It gives enough time to blend and then turns into a satiny, powdery finish. The creme blushes from MAC are very thick and sticky, which I don't like. Also Stila Convertible was pretty sticky. I have the creme blush from Illamasqua, which I like. Its light weight and non-sticky.
There is one MAJOR difference that I noticed. The Illamasqua creme blushes give a dewy, wet kind of look and the NARS Creme blush gives a matte, satiny look.


The color I have is Penny Lane and its one of the most neutral, blush color I have. Its a very pale peachy, mauvey, Pink Blush color (crap color description, I know). The color pay 0ff is Ok. Its a pale blush to begin with, but the color is buildable. On my NC40/42 Skin, it did show up, but after applying 2-3 layers. I would prefer using it as base under my blushes. Its pretty natural color, so I could use it almost under every color blush, without actually messing/altering the original color.

PENNY LANE (Blended)

The staying power is nice, like every NARS Blush. I liked the formula, but I don't think that this color is must have kinds. Its one of those shades, that you need when you want that "no make-up look", just to give some definition to the face and cheeks. Its like "my cheeks but better" kind of thing...lol!!

The packaging is usual, Black, rubbery NARS packaging, with a mirror. Its so natural in color and less pigmented, that you could just throw it in purse and apply without using a mirror. You really need not be very careful while applying this.

Sometimes, its great to have less pigmented products. They do come handy!! At $26, its very pricey and honestly NYC Creme Blush Stick can do a similar job (using as blush base), if you get the right, muted, neutral color.

This would be a good color for lighter skintones, but for skintone like mine, I could use it only as blush base. For $26, I would want something that I can use on its own or in multiple ways.

p.s: For getting an idea about my skin type, skin tone etc, please refer the 'About' section on the navigation bar at the top of this page.


  1. Great review, darling! I, being so pale, could try this!!

  2. Great review! i always wondered about nars cream blushes but i doubt i would get this colour.

  3. I love cream blushes...nice review!

  4. Great review! I actually love Penny Lane but I can totally understand your point of view on this product. Cactus Flower is a nice brighter cream blush from NARS that is definitely more pigmented.


  5. I love your blog :)

    I swatched this at Sephora the other day and passed on it for the same reason.

  6. This has been on my wishlist for ages!
    I can see what you mean that it doesn't suit your tone that much though... perhaps Constantinople would be better for you...?


  7. Thank you for the review! I was just about too buy this, but as I am also quite tan I think I will shop around before hand :D xx



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