June 28, 2010


My Saturday was like this...

Hi Friends,

Hope everyone is doing good... Me? I am great...
The weeks are passing by so fast...I am happy, because we soon will see Fall/Winter, which is my favorite part of the year, but that also makes me a bit paranoid, because even before I know I will be celebrating my next birthday and getting a year older...

Anyways, Saturday we had been to Ocean City. It was so so Hot and Humid. We were baked like Potatoes and then Broiled in our car, that was like pre-heated oven in that open parking. It was a good day though, with friends and families and kids.
Sunday saw me in mall...Obviously! I had to cool down after this Hot Saturday...in blasting A/C for free...lol!

Did a little damage at Sephora. Oh btw, I did manage to get a LE DIOR Shimmerskin Powder in Copper Diamond at Sephora. Can you believe this? It was released in Fall 2008 and was an instant sellout at that time. Finding something which was that old, in a busy Sephora is a MIRACLE in beauty world. I wanted it so badly. No one was ready to swap or sell.

I am getting so good at Rambling....Proud of myself...lol!!

Wish you all have a Fantastic week ahead....Keep yourself HYDRATED...



  1. Oooh, I love Dior Copper Diamond! So pretty. I must be the only one having a cloudy summer. Where's the sun? It's been all clouds here lately.

  2. That sounds like a great weekend!

    Congrats on finding the Dior powder, enjoy it!

    It's too hot in Paris, we can't do anything, there's no sea nor ocean anywhere near... and the pollution is getting seriously bad with the heat!



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