May 21, 2010


PIGMENT PASSION is a series that will feature MAC Pigments, their texture, the
ways I use them and all the fun stuff. One pigment will be posted everyFridayand
I will try to share whatever pigment colors I own.


This is a Limited Edition pigment and I got it from my local CCO, simply because I couldn't resist anything that is Gold...GOLD SUCKER!!!
At first glance it looks pretty similar to Blonde's Gold Pigment that we talked about few weeks ago. They do look similar to a certain extent, but I would say, they are not same. Everything from the color to the texture varies.

MAC - GOLD MODE PIGMENT (with flash)

MAC - GOLD MODE PIGMENT (without flash)

Gold mode is way more shimmery than Blonde's Gold. The later one is very finely milled, one of the best textures after metal pigments. Its super soft and very easy to work. Gold mode on other hand has a bit of fall out. Its not difficult like many other chunkier pigmnets, but not amazing either.

Swatch of MAC Gold Mode Pigment

Gold Mode has Pink and Peachy hues to it, while Blonde's Gold has beige/tan/brown thing going around. I do notice the difference on my lids. Sometimes minor diferences in color are not noticeable when actually used on eye, but this one looks different.

Comparison Swatch between Gold Mode and Blonde's Gold MAC Pigment

Ways I Use Gold Mode Pigment:

1. Inner corner of the eye around the tearduct area, just to give the eyes an open and wide awake effect. I have a tiny cute little brush to do that task.

2. I use it wet, over the lid all by itself and then just a liner and mascara to complete the look. I like the foiled effect this color gives.

3. I also like to use it over a dark shadow base. Like Quite Natural Paint pot, Indianwood paint pot, Relaxed Shadesticks or those colored Shadesticks that I have. You can see the shadestick swatches here if you wish.

4. I never use it as highlight as I find it too shimmery to use as Brow Highlight, obviously personal preference, but it definately can be used.

5. Love to pair it with Bronze, Tempting kind of shades aswell, but not often. I really don't mess a lot with 'blending' to much when I am using pigments. You Tube has amazing tutorials using Gold Mode Pigment, in case anyone wants to see.

6. Have yet to try this with clear nail polish, though I have tried some fun colored pigment.

I would say its not a 'must have' kind of shade. Also if you are not a shimmer lover, you might want to skip this, as it has Micro-glitters. I am not a fan of shimmer myself, but something about the peachy, champagney Gold color just attracts me. At CCO it costed less than an eyeshadow, so I thought why not?

p.s: I totally understand its useless to talk about Limited Edition products, but with pigments, you can get samples on many many sites for $3 to $4. So if you like anything thats Limited Edition, you can still get hold of it...


  1. Gorgeous color! I love pigments! =)


  2. I love Gold Mode, it's really pretty and it is a great dupe for Jardin Aires which i own also... In fact, i bought Gold Mode because of that, but you didn't hear that from me *ahem* lol.

  3. In the past you've used these with clear polish? What an amazing idea!!!!

  4. I like Gold Mold but never got around to picking it up. For some reason I like taupe and darker colors for MAC pigments.

  5. @Aru: I love to see them lined together in OLD style jar...not a fan of new ones though...

    @Amira: I had Jardin Aires aswell...but then ended up swappin wth my cousin coz these both are pretty similar....but anything GOLD is LOVE...LOL!!

    @The Makeup Palette: Yes dear, have used Fuschia and Teal Pigments wth clear polish, but the credit goes to some Genius Youtuber...I wish I remembered the name to credit her...:(

  6. I find this one a bit shimmery for my taste, Blonde's gold...awesome!



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