May 24, 2010


Hi friends...

I begin with Good Morning wish and an apology, for not updating my blog last week and MIA. I know, Nobody is waiting for some amazing, sneak peak from my blog, but still I respect my 252 Followers aka Friends who share same interest as me (make-up) and deserve an explaination.
I was just feeling tired and lazy. I just didn't had the inclination to do anything...Seriously!

Ok, so I have been lemming over those Lisa Taubes Chains, that is hugely popular on You Tube. They are pretty, wearable link chains, both in Gold and Silver. I like them a lot, but I just can't justify the price tag of around $135 for a single chain. Also its light weight, 12K or 14K Gold or Gold plated (not 100% sure) which makes is almost nil in resale value and zero investment as a jewelry. I am pretty confused............ I need to get some replicas...Any suggestions??

To the Beach collection is boring... MUFE HD blush is not working for me and I am low on Cash for any 'fun' purchases....I told ya, I am so Bored in General...

Hope you guys have a nice, creative, and happy week ahead....I will try to do something and get back on track....



  1. hi resham welcome back :) yea i thought to the beach isnt so interesting either! but whats wrong with HD blushes? why arnt they working for u? i havent tried them yet and would love to hear ur thoughts!

  2. @Anon: MUFE HD blush has to be blended really well and you need the smoothest cheek, which I don't have. I am unable to blend evenly on both cheek. Its more of a personal blending and uneven cheek issue than the product itself. I would say, get a sample to try, before investing on whole bottle...

  3. aww sorry to here it didn't work for you Resham. I know what you mean by being bored...I'm not bored per say but too darn busy to blog regularly.



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