May 3, 2010


Hi everyone...

Hope you all are doing good.... I wish we had morning like the picture above, but its raining badly here and its Monday, which is not a great combination.
Anyways, last week was special for me, because I celebrated my marriage anniversary ( and it feels great to be married to a nice man (same man for 8 years), which can be boring but thats OK...the gifts made up for the boring'ness'!! Jokes apart, I am thankful to God, for blessing me with everything that I have.

On make-up and Cosmetics front, I have been busy with my trips to ULTA. I had a couple of $5 off coupons, so picked a few drugstore goodies. Just basic, not exceeding above 15 bucks. Lately I am no hauling much make-up.
I don't know, I am just getting over-whelmed with the amount of make-up I have and so much of it is just left unused. Sometimes I feel loads of money is stuck in them...I better buy somethings that I could use more often (watches, bags, shoes). I lack in those departments.

Also started with the Pigment series and Tool Talk on this blog, where you will see a little post about one pigment every Friday and some Tool discussions. I hope you guys like them.

Rambling at its best...I know! You guys have a great week ahead...



  1. Happy anniversary dear!!! :)

    And I know exactly how you feel about makeup, realistically the majority of our collections just sits there collecting dust...!


  2. Happy anniversary Resham!! I seriously know what you mean by having too much makeup. It's like I need to buy yet another 20 red lipsticks that look the same! Why?!

  3. Thank you lovely people...Collecting make up has become an addiction...but on happier note, its not as expensive as getting addicted to Designer Bags and!!

  4. Happy anniversary!

    And I really like your mondays posts. Nice written, nicer to read.

  5. Aww...Happy Anniversary!! Monday posts are cute!



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