April 26, 2010


Pic credit: Sourav

Good morning to all of you who read this in the morning....

My Monday Morning is becoming Monday Afternoon...The family is running late by an Hour!!!
I should end my Sunday bit normally from next week...Anyways, last week was fun n cool...Had been to Longwood Gardens on Saturday...its a lovely place, well...its just a garden...but lovely.

On my way back, I happened to visit a mall (obvioulsy, I just can't see the flower collection and be happy...need to have my dose of make-up!). The new MAC collection is out and I am sure you all are enjoying it...I didn't buy anything, but I did post swatches for you all. I believe you must have read that post...

Lately I have been watching these 'Fashion' videos a lot on You Tube...getting inspired...you know..lol!!! Also XINAROX's organised make-up collection is giving me sleepless nights to arrange my own in a lovely vanity....she has awesome collection....

I am rambling a lot...asusual! Wish you all have a fantastic week ahead and I will be seeing you around...



  1. What a wonderful picture for this sunny Monday! I hope you have a great week!
    Hands up for Mac newest collection!

  2. Just say whats on your your mind miss lady.... :-)
    I love Zerin's organization too.



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