April 12, 2010


hi my beautiful friends...

Firstly I am so sorry for MIA aka being irregular with my blogposts. My computer broke....:(

That old laptop, had all my softwares for my camera, Photoshop for water marking and adding labels. Now, I can't transfer any pics from my camera. It will take almost a week to get that laptop working.

Anyways, I got to see that new MAC collection, the one with Grease paint stick in detail yesterday. I took photos and Dirty is NOT like Skinny jeans, which I thought was same until I swatched them next to each other. Also that brown one, which I thought was similar to Relaxed shadestick or Indianwood paint pot is NOT same. I wanted them so badly, but lately I have spent a lot on make-up related stuff and on Saturday I picked some brushes from the CCO, which has really created a dent my pocket and I think I truly need help with spending on Make-up...Comment something harsh...hurt me...make me feel guilty....aaah!!!

Wish you guys have a wonderful week, and I will try to post 'something'...search some pics on photobucket, I dunno...Just stick around guys...kinda feel lonely, without posting...



  1. Awww, hope the computer will be back to you soon. We won't be harsh, promise :-)

  2. Can't post a harsh comment for ya since I splurged at the CCO too and picked up several slimshines. Which brushes did you pick up? Happy Monday!

  3. No dear..if you stop buying, how will we get to see lovely stuff...lol!
    Talk of being selfish!!



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