April 15, 2010

MAC - Highlighters and Lid Colors (Swatches)

MAC makes some amazing affordable High End eyeshadows. They have a wide range of colors in their permanent line and they keep releasing endless new collections which are available for Limited time at the counters and are called 'LIMITED EDITION or LE'.

Recently they came out with a comparitively small collection that had one re-promote eyeshadow by the name 'HEY'. I remember, I hunted down and bought this quad which had the color 'Hey' in it and was released during the Fafi Collection. It was for that one color only...

Below are some MAC eyeshadows that work great as a highlighter and some double up wonderfully as lid colors too.

As I am a Yellow/warm/Olive toned person, I don't have many highlighters that have pink base in them or have cooler undertones.

Solar White, Dreammaker, Ricepaper, Phloof, Femme-Fi, Brule

I personally like all of the colors mentioned in above pictures, but Phloof is my least favorite. It is very frosty for my personal liking.

Solar White is an amazing Highlighter as it has this magical 'gold' shimmers to it. Its pretty unique, though I believe I have something similar to it in my MAC pigment stash.

Swatches of MAC Eyeshadows in Solar White, Dreammaker, Ricepaper, Phloof
Femme-Fi, Brule

Ricepaper is a creamy, yellowish color and has a texture just like butter. It makes a great lid color too and I like to pair it with Woodwinked a lot. Its not overly frosty too.

Femme-Fi is another color that was released as Limited Edition shadow and I believe it has been re-promoted aswell. I personally like to use it as lid color and it works absolutely fantastic with colors like Folie, bronze and pretty much every shimmer browns that I have, especially the ones that have more of reddish tone to it.

Dreammaker is one of my most favorite color for lid. It is a Starflash finish, but unlike other Starflash finish eyeshadows its way too powdery. I love this color so dearly, that I can live with its not so good texture. It works amazing with colors like Tempting and Go, browns that has more of brown tone to it...did this make any sense???

Brule is my go to highlighter. Its a non shimmery, pale color and works great as highlighter when there is load of shimmer going on the lids.

Brule, Vanilla, Naked Lunch, All that Glitters, Hey

Vanilla is in same family as Brule. It does not has the best texture and is NOT AT ALL similar to Vanilla pigment, which is a very multi-purpose pigment.

Naked Lunch and Hey are pretty much same. Infact I don't see any difference when applied on my eyes. I don't understand why people say its similar to All That Glitters, which is very different and makes a wonderful lid color.

Naked Lunch, All That Glitters, Urban Decay Blunt

Urban Decay makes some amazing eyeshadows and I have a few of them. Blunt is an amazing lid color and I like its finish a lot. It is similar to Veluxe Pearl from MAC, a finish which many people adore. Urban Decay Shadows fit MAC palettes, but I find them difficult to depot. The plastic quality is bit strong...

Swatches of MAC Eyeshadow in Hey, Naked Lunch, All that Glitters and
Urban Decay Blunt

Creme de meil, Ricepaper, Dreammaker, RoseBlanc

Creme de meil and Rose Blanc both are LE eyeshadows that I just bought because I didn't wanted to believe that they are similar to other colors I have. Thats the beauty of MAC...they manage to sell similar colors every single time to suckers like us!!!

Creme de meil, Ricepaper, Dreammaker, RoseBlanc

The swatches above are not perfect, because Rose Blanc has a bit more yellowness to it. Its very close to Ricepaper.

MAC Holiday Palettes

Every single MAC palette or quad has one highlight and most of the times they are dupable.

MAC Tempting Quad, Shadowy Lady Quad

MAC Spiced Chocolate Quad, Fafi 1 Quad

I love quads a lot. You get 4 colors nested conviniently in a quad for less and I usually pick mine from CCOs, so thats pretty 'good deal'.

These are a few eyeshadows that I use as Highlighter. I would share some more lid colors and some crease colors in future posts. If anyone is interested I can share swatches of pigments that I have. If you find it useless or boring please let me know and I can abort the project...:)


  1. love your collection - i want to add all that gitter + rice papaer to my collection
    xx mw

  2. I love Ricepaper and Brule! It's an every day staple for me. I know what you mean on how MAC suckers us in every time with similar colors. LOL.

  3. Don't abort! I love these posts- I'm adding more products to my wishlist as we speak! :P

  4. @MW: Both colors are lovely....:)

    @Naturalnchicmakeup: Seriously, MAC is so smart...lol!!

    @Cait: I am happy at least one person is interested...lol!! thank you for stopping by:)

  5. I like these posts too!

    Hey is being repromoted right now, do you think it's a nice neutral lid color or should I just go with naked lunch?


  6. I love this post- I want dreammaker now! Keep doing these posts definitely! If you can get your hands on Modest Tone from the N collection, I think you'd love it. It's like Brule but warmer. I love brule for my everyday highlight too, but sometimes it looks a little too white on me if I get too aggressive with it-Modest Tone is perfect (i only use it on special occasions and have hit pan)!

  7. Brule is my all time favorite highlighter! It was one of my first MAC eyeshadows and I LOVE it! Great post! :-)

  8. heyy im so glad ur back to blogging ;) this is a great post plz dont abort this...and it would be great if u can do a series of these...like best crease colors u own with swatches or best all over colored lid colors...that type..it makes shopping for us soooo much easier! also my complexion is also olive toned (NC 30) so its a great help when u tll what colors suit u...thanks alot again

  9. @ Anon: I would opt for HEY. Its a Veluxe Pearl finish, which is my personal favorite. Naked Lunch is a frost finish. You can buy Naked lunch when you hit pan on Hey...:)

    @rainbow st@r: I have added Modest tone to my list...I have a CCO...so I am positive, some day I will get! Thanks for the suggestion grl...
    Warmer Brule...WOW!!

    @ Lipglossgossip: Thank you dear...now my laptop is working...I am sad that I was late in posting all this...:(

  10. Thank you for this very helpful post! Out of what you swatched, I have Vanilla, Creme de Miel, Femme-Fi, Hey, and All That Glitters. I'm now lemming UD Blunt and Ricepaper!! :P

  11. I own All that glitters and believe it or not, it ws my first MAC purchase 2 years ago!

    LOVELOVELOVELOVE this post!!

  12. This is such a wonderful post! Would love to see more of such posts.

  13. Nice collection! You did a great job on all the swatches. I absolutely love Solar White e/s and I do agree it is MAGICAL!

  14. some amazing stuff you've got there hun! Love them all. You're tempting me to get so much stuff now hehe

  15. Lol, yes, they seem to make the same colours over and over again when it comes to highlighters... they change them just sliiightly, or they have different finishes, but it's essentially the same thing!!!

    Ricepaper, Creme De Miel and Creme Royale (from the HK collection, came in a quad) are virtually identical!!!


  16. I loved this post! Thank You So Much! The comparing of swatches, in certain categories, are absolutely ROCKING!

  17. I love these posts too death!



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