April 18, 2010

Do random compliments affect you??

I really don’t know if this is the correct title…but lets begin…
Well, its totally random…and fun!

Ok, so rewind a few days back..I had hauled for Donna Karan Cashmere Mist fragrance. I had liked it at Sephora amongst others I had tested, so when I got a chance, I picked it.
For a couple of uses, lets say 3 times to be precise, I liked the smell and then I realized I can’t smell it on me at all. After initial 15 minutes, the smell would just magically disappear. I know the fact that even if the person wearing the fragrance can’t smell it, it still can be smelled by others around…
Well, spending $70 for someone elses olfactory nerves…didn’t make much sense to me..lol!!

So, I conveniently shifted it to my section of cheapy fragrances. Something I know I would finish and not buy again. Then to finish it, I just started wearing it everywhere…while picking grocery, going to gym or anywhere random…
3 days back, I went to Ulta wearing the same fragrance and a sales lady stopped and asked me what I was wearing and it smelled good on me….. Hmm…I said thank you and then thought ‘sales people do this all the time’ They need to keep the conversation going and it’s a part of their job to make you feel good…
Then I went to Barne’s and Noble and again a lady randomly complimented me on the fragrance…Thank you AGAIN from my side

Later in the evening, I went to Swarovski boutique to choose my Anniversary gift and once again…the lady complimented on my fragrance…haha…Now I was on moon…seriously, for a second, I thought is there something wrong?? Did I smell bad or something and these people were indicating…..
To top it all my family friends met us for a get together yesterday and the ladies complimented me AGAIN….
Needless to say, the fragrance is back to my rack of high end perfumes, admist Ralph Lauren and Stella McCartney….Now I love it more than any other fragrance….just because people complimented…
This is not the first time with me. If someone compliments me on blush or lipstick or a piece of jewelry, it just becomes my instant favorite!

My question is…Do Random compliments really affect you? Do love for a product/thing changes just because it has been complimented, by people who don't know you.....


  1. I can't say they do. If I love something enough to buy it or keep it then I don't really mind what anyone else says. And I think anyway, compliements mean so much more from certain people than from others, though it wouldn't sway me.

  2. You know, I don't think I do get swayed although it's nice to get complimented. For me it's always this one turtleneck that my co-workers liked but u know..kinda hard to wear it in the summer time!

  3. Of course! They actually make or break my day. Mostly from strangers, because lets face it they are the most honest.

  4. It will only confirm how I already feel. As far as fragrance goes I think if I didn't like something that much, but people were always complimenting me then I would wear it more.

  5. I love random compliments. They make me happy lol. As Obsessed.Makup.Addict says above, comments from strangers are the most honest - otherwise they wouldn't say it at all! Well except for sales people perhaps. But making it to my favourites list just because of that... no. That doesn't happen. :)

  6. random compliments don't make something become an instant favourite for me, but when someone compliments me on my perfume, i feel great! especially because it reaffirms that you can actually smell it. but random compliments are such a confidence booster because random people have no obligation to say anything nice, so its got to be true right? haha




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