March 15, 2010


Morning dear lovelies.....

Its a cloudy one, where I live...East Coast has been not so happy with the weather mother nature has been giving us past few months. It rained heavily on Saturday and the wind...OMG, I was literally planning what to run with if the roof of my house flies off somewhere....To top it all we were without electricity from evening 4 to mid-night. Nothing from the home heating system to my burners were working. I would say it was bad, but it gave me a chance to explain my 5 year old how fortunate we are to have basic necessaties in life and there people who survive in bad conditions....

Anyways...Oh! btw, I have 201 lovely people who visit my blog now. The jinx of 200 Follower figure broke this morning...The whole week I was swinging between 199 and 200....Someone was following then un-following...I was like, comeon...I am not that!!!

Thank you all so very much for giving me a chance to share my make-up obsession and relating with that..

I over slept today, because of the lazy, cloudy weather and that time change. I could never figure out why and how...all I know it create havoc with my body clock and routine. Lots iof work to finish...I will talk to you all later...the whole week...:)



  1. hahaha @ "someone i'm not that bad.." :) congratulations on your readership! have a great week!

  2. Congrats on 200 followers! Here's to 200 more :)

    Miss Neesh



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