March 1, 2010


Hello to all you lovely people...
Happy Monday and Happy March...Its birth month...which means I get to pamper myself a bit more luxuriously and expect some gifts as my Birth right!! The only not so good thing about birthday is I grow a year old... but thats ok!!! As long as I am healthy, wealthy and wise...I don't!!!
BTW, I am sorry, for not posting much on the blog as promised last week...Some unexpected business came in...This week, things should be pretty much relaxed..past pending posts should be up, with some new ones too. I have my February Beauty Obsession to share as well. I got a 10% off Sephora VIB coupon I am excited to try the new Tarina Tarantino make-up line at Sephora...
So yes, days look good ahead...hope the weather starts to change soon...
Enjoy your week lovelies...
p.s: My B'day is on March 17th....Don't forget to wish me...Oh, wait...mark your calenders and DO WISH ME>>>>


  1. Yay! Mine is this month as well! March 25! Birthday shopping is the best! Can't wait to see what you get! :-)

  2. Mine's on 18th thats close...Maybe we should gift each other ;-)

  3. YAY for MARCH beauties...:)

    @LipGlossGossip: ya, even I am excited to see what goodies you get and what stuff u pik to pamper yourself....:)

    @ rashi: sure we shud be gfting each other. If you are in US...send me your address..u get a lovely gft...if you are not in US...then send me your e-mail ID and you get an e- greeting...LOL!!!

  4. awwwn how cute....I'm in LA...I always thought u were in Canada...anyways..wat r ur plans for bday?? I wanna go shoppping n get me some MAC Liberty stuff...somestuff form sephora......OOOOOOOOOOOO tooo much lemmings...damn u beauty bloggers...tempting me every single day !!! LMAO



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