March 22, 2010


Gorgeous MAC Limited Edition Lipsticks

They are Lovely!! They are Attractive!! They are one-of its kind....They are Limited Edition...

MAC has always managed to trap me with its LE stuff. Sometimes the products are genuinely unique, some times they are just, well CRAP...but MAC still manages to lure me with their LE, Gorgeous Packaging...

They sucked me into buying an Orange Electro and they made me buy that Lollipop Loving....which looks painfully horrible on me! I still can't let them go...they sit there in my collection, unused (most of the times), admired by me everyday. I feel happy to posses them...but is it really worth it??

Do you find yourself holding on to products, just because they come packed in a Limited Edition lovely, cute casings??


  1. im a package junkie too so i buy sometimes just becuz i love the cute pakage ,however most times i really dont use them .
    i guess if they make u happy by just looking it is worth it lol

  2. Hey, why didnt u open those...

    The words "Limited Edition" really hurts, especially when they are no longer available...

    wat really hurts is when somebody has :) lol just kidding...

    love the pic, but i wish u open those...

  3. i love the hello kitty packaging and was suck into buying a lipstick very close in colour to one i already have as it has a hello kitty engraved on the actual lippie!

  4. oh I do that too, or if something is on a clearance sale, I feel the need to buy like 5 of one thing and then never use it...oops lol.


  5. ALL of them look so nice! Heatherette was my favourite and now Give Me Liberty of London except for the blue

  6. the Heatherette packaging looks cute since its so girly! =)

  7. Actually, I usually do not like MAC LE packaging. I mean it is pretty and everything, but I just love their regular one.
    And btw: Fafi collection packaging for lip glosses really sucked, the sticker came off the first week I had it :(

  8. I tend to hold on to things too....But I guess its because I dont use it on just me...being an artist will give me plenty of people to try it on.

  9. @ MW: I agree, if they make u happy by just looking at them...i ges that justifies the!!

    @Divija: I have opened most of them in some post. Just wanted to highlight the packaging aspect....aren't they cute////

    @Amber: I didn't buy any HK lippie, but I do have a blush...I forgot to pull out my Dame edna one..that too had a cute lavender color...

    @Paige: Ya, if lot of money is not invested, I don't mind buying and keeping..thats why I don;t buy beauty powders by MAC in LE...they are freakin expensive...!!!

    @ You n blue!! I wish the packaging had only cute retro flowers...

    @Khymm: It sure it the prettiest one!!

    @Yarisse: Regular one is classic...just black...Fafi one cud definately had been beter..i mean at least they cud have used Plastic stickers..n not those crapy paper ones! I used my lippie so less..that its still intact....haha..

    @Dhalia: Good at least you use up the product somewhere...less guilt on!!


  10. They all look so pretty when lined up like that!
    I do like their LE packaging, their regular one is so boring, but if it's eyeshadows we 're talking about, I 'll probably just depot them anyways...!


  11. absolutely! I also get suckered into buying stuff just for the packaging. It's a nice color AND special packaging? Oh snap! There goes my wallet.



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