March 19, 2010


MAC Liberty of London was one collection I was pretty excited about when I saw the Promo Pics. The cute packaging was the main reason, which no doubt is one of the best packaging I have seen after Heatherette.

Gorgeous Packagings...

The colors in the collection are Gorgeous and its amazing to own, especially if you don't own the potential dupes.

Those flowers are ADORABLE....

I liked the English Accents lipgloss a lot from all the swatches I saw online. I did pick that one. Also Blooming Lovely Lipstick looked very pretty in tube. So I got that one aswell.

Just 2 stuff for myself...

My friend did get all the 3 lipsticks released in the collection. I found English Accent lipgloss was kinda similar to Eclectic Edge Lipglass.

Smashbox Pout, Eclectic Edge, English Accent lipglass

I found Eclectic Edge more wearble than the English Accent. The later one is pretty too and has a decent coverage. I personally prefer Eclectic Edge.

Swatches of Smashbox Pout, Eclectic Edge, English Accent lipglass

My friend did purchase all the three lipsticks and I requested her to let me take pictures and compare them to the other similar colors I have. I had seen Xinarox compare all these colors, so I knew I won't be buying any of the lipsticks, but at store, I just couldn't resist the beautiful packaging.

Gladiola and Petals and Peacocks

I find Gladiola more wearable....

Lavender Whip and Blooming Lovely
I was pretty sure that Blooming lovely would work better on me. But I find its difficult to make that color work on me. Either ways, I don't use Lavender Whip so often, but still I feel Lavender whip would work better with my skintone.

Ravishing and Ever Hip
I have Ravishing and I don't look so good in it was obvious I would never look good in this color aswell.

Swatches of MAC Lipsticks in Ever Hip, Petals & Peacocks, Blooming Lovely,
Gladiola, Lavender Whip, Ravishing
I think that all these colors are beautiful, but they are out of my comfort zone. Everybody has their own favorites and unfortunately I didn't find anything I needed. I have all the three 'potential dupes' which I guess are enough...

The beauty powders were placed in such lovely compacts...but I thought just wait till they hit CCO...I didn't had $25 to splurge just on was sooo cute!!!
Thank you to my fried who let me compare her products for my blog...:)


  1. Nice Haul! I loved their packaging as pretty! I eventually wanted the beauty powders but resisted and hoped that I can just swap for it or get it somehow cheaper.

  2. awesome goodies! the two first dupes look very similar!

  3. I caved and bought Blooming lovely too yesterday for my birthday..but I have never had a pink lipstick so i find it very weird on me anyways....all i wear is browns and nudes(yeah i knwo so boring)

  4. Great swatches as always!

    I didn't get any of the lip stuff because I have things that are too similar already, even though I wanted to because of the cute packaging! :-)

  5. I love this collection! Your soo lucky you have Gladiola & Lavendar Whip, im dying to have those 2! Cute blog :)

  6. P&P and Gladiola are soooooo similar.

  7. Lovely swatches!!!! Well done, and I'm sorry the colors are outside of your comfort zone!!

  8. Eclectic Edge is the best color...its better than the English accents.



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