March 21, 2010


I always wanted to own a CHANEL QUAD. I was so curious to know, how different or good is this brand from all the MAC or other stuff I have. When its CHANEL...Its like...haaaa...

The fancy pouch

I had to shell out 60 bucks! *cough* which included the tax for this quad that runs by the name KASKA BEIGE... Now, this being my first Chanel purchase I did my little research on the internet and found Chanel lovers were raving about this quad...


The quad has neutral colors, which is very very wearable, work friendly, everyday quad. The colors are pretty decently co-ordinated and can be worn in conjugation for a simple or a dramatic look.
The quad comes in this fancy pouch, which is made of velvet and with two crappy, sponge applicators, which is useless...Its such a shame that a quad this expensive holds cheap, sponge applicators...


The colors are not highly pigmented. They are medium soft and texture wise there is a mix of matte, satin and color with mild sheen. None of them are glittery or shimmery. Its pretty classy!!!

Swatched without base

I wore it over UDPP and I had to work a bit to get some pigmentation. Next time I did use a brown shadestick and the colors were more vibrant.

Swatches of Chanel Kaska Beige Quad

Colors in number 3 and 4 are my favorite. They are beautiful, but none of them are unique. I personally feel, paying $60 for a quad that is moderately pigmented....and not Unique or Extra special...I don't understand....I guess I paid a lot for the BRAND NAME....

Some people may not agree with my thoughts, but I think, I could get similar effect or a similar eye look using similar colors from other brand...I agree, the quad looks classy and its a great, happy feeling for a make-up junkie to own one...but I won't be buying any of their other quads...

I guess, with this one, my 'CRAZE and CURIOUSITY for CHANEL' quad has reduced as I know its nothing special.....


  1. I just found your blog and have spent all day looking at swatches! I love it-what a great blog and so nice to find someone around nc40 like me =)

  2. I had the very same experience with Chanel. Very disappointed with their shadows. I do love their lipsticks -- the Rouge Cocos are to die for. For high end brands when it comes to shadows, I think Dior and YSL make really amazing quads. My two cents!


  3. @regina: thank you so much for visiting the blog...I hope you enjoy the stuff on here enuf to come again!!!

    @Lipstick rules: Ya, DIOR did appear pigmented...but man, all these are so expensive!!! I beter stop myself at NARS and Illamasqua...haha!!

  4. great review...i just bought my first chanel lippie and i love it.

  5. I completely agree. When I bought my first Chanel quad I expected so much more.

    I do love their lipsticks and glosses though. :-)

  6. I only got this very recently, so I 've yet to play with it!
    It looks so pretty though, love the colours and I think it would make a great day to night- time little quad!
    Love the Chanel shadow consistency, very fine in texture (from the ones I own anyway)!
    Will play with it and get you back on pigmentation (btw I have the european version, ie, round eyeshadows)!


  7. Chanel is over expensive brand in general. I don't find any of their quads very unique. Infact Kasaka beige is a better choice than others from their line.

  8. The quad looks lovely, but yes even I think the colors are not unique..especially for that price tag!



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