March 24, 2010


MAC Solar Riche, MAC Emote Blush, CARGO Blu-Ray Bronzer, Benefit Hoola

I am a Olive skin toned person, with heavy yellow undertones. I am NC40 in MAC for summers and I would say I am pretty much happy with my natural!!
I really don't need a bronzer for that bronzed effect or to get that sun-kissed glow.

During those summer months, all I need is a little warm glow and I try to achieve that by applying WARMED MSF by MAC which unfortunately is Limited Edition.
I use bronzers to contour, to carve that fake cheek bone and give my face a slightly slimming effect, which is more of a round shape...

Bronzers, that have shimmers in them are not good for this contouring purpose, especially during the day time.

Selecting a bronzer color can be very tricky. Some make me look orange like a pumpkin and others can make me look dirty, like dry mud smeared all over my face. Some bronzers are light enough to be used as an all over powder for my skintone and some can make me look like Edward cullen in sunlight....all shimmering like Diamonds....LOL!!

I have purchased quite a few bronzers and till date I am confused what exactly looks good. Laguna by NARS didn't work, neither did MAC Solar Riche...both had shimmers...nay for me!!
Cargo Blu-ray was too light in color and drugstore ones always made me orange...At times Emote blush looks decent, but other times it looks dirty....same with Hoola, it looks different in different lighting....I am still in hunt for a decent bronzer that would look good when I contour.

I have heard that The Balm has a good bronzer and Tarte Park Avenue Princess is a good one too. This post is just to share what bronzers I have and what you all would suggest if you have a skintone similar to mine....
I tried to swatch these bronzers...but the camera didn't pick decent pics...I let them go...:)


  1. Wow... have really nice bronzers. I'm thinkin about getting Benefit Hoola soon


  2. This is the 1st year I've started wearing a little colour on face, I think I want to get one of the colours you mentions, because all of mine have a bit of shimmer, and i really want a all matte one.

  3. Resham...Have u tried the milani bronzer....I got it in clearance+coupon at cvs for like $2...its matte and just what i needed...i have the regular cargo bronzer..not the blu ray it has very subtle shimmers.I hate shimmery bronzers...

  4. Laura Geller Bronze N Brighten is my favorite bronzer of all time. Now I'm wondering why I haven't posted a review on it.

    I love it for that very reason that it doesn't have shimmer and I can use it as a bronzer or a countour. It comes in fair and regular. I have it in regular and I love it!

    Laura Geller is actually have a sale online right now too. 30% off I believe, for today only.

    I hope you find one that works for you! :-)

  5. i really want benefit hoola, think i'll have to buy it when i have some more money :)
    i nominated you for an award on my blog too :) xx

  6. Guerlain Terracotta and Nars Casino are my favorite bronzers ! They doen't have shimmer and I use them to contour.

    I'm a new subscriber and I really love your blog and your honest reviews ! and sorry for my english... i'm french :)

  7. @Cynthia: Sephora still has that amazing full size kit for $35. It has benefit Hoola in full size. You might wana have a look... The thing with matte bronzer is..its great for contouring, but a little mistake in color selectin and the flat matte will end up looking muddy...:(

    @Rashi: nah, didn't try Milani ever, but I have an Ulta coupon wth me. I will try milani..thnk you for the suggestion...

    @Lipglossgossip: I totally forgot about Laura is on sale at sephora...will swatch it in my next visit..thank you for the suggestion..

    @Sarah: Thank you for tagging me..Its a short and sweet one..I will do it!!

    @Elise: Hw are you doing Elise? Thanks for commenting as usual..:)

    @Legolinae: Guerlain is expensive (can't afford)...and Casino had shimmers...didn't try both...Thanks so much for stopping by...and Your english is perfect....good enuf for this poor blog...I dunno if you can write Literature in English though...LOL!!!

  8. Tarte Park avenue princess is a nice one. It has shimmers I think.



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