February 21, 2010

STILA Long Wear Lip Color - Swatches

Swatches of Stila Long Wear Lip Color
Adorable, Outrageous, Intriguing, Exhilarating, Daring, Phenomenal, Serenade,
Paramour, In the Nude, Flushed
A long wearing lipstick and lip gloss all in one.
The secret is a blend of patent-pending polymers that provide long-lasting
wear with rich pigment that glides on like your favorite lip gloss. The tip of
the pen is contoured to provide easy, precise application - hugging every curve
of you lip.
A breakthrough that boasts extended wear time while keeping lips feeling
soft and smooth - never dry!
The new colors are:
Adorable (pale peach)
Daring (burgundy wine)
Exhilarating (matte bright fuchsia)
Intriguing (matte magenta)
In the Nude (light beige)
Lover (deep red) (not swatched)
Outrageous (matte deep orange)
Phenomenal (reddish brown)
Old colors:
Serenade (deep rose shimmer)
Paramour (deep plum red)
Flushed (deep rose sheen)
I have always been a fan of these lipsticks. earlier when I picked Exquisite and Rendezvous they were for $18..now they are $20, which sucks!!
Usually Stila comes with many value kits and in 2009 they had this Flushed shade of lipstick in full size along with 6 to 7 other goodies for $38 only!! I had picked that one during the Sephora Friends and Family sale for even less.
Beautycrunch.com sells Stila for discounted price and if anyone still interested in the kit can try finding it on that website. Flushed is a beautiful pink color and I know many of you LOVE LOVE pink lips...:)


  1. I like outrageous, intriguing, and in the nude :o)

    Thanks for the swatches

    Enter my giveaway

    Makeup by Kim Porter

  2. I'm loving Outrageous but I suspect Intriguing might be more my colour. Thanks again for the info - what would I do without you !

    Have a brilliant week

  3. hello friends:

    @Rai: In the nude is pretty, but too nude for me..:(

    @Elise: I am so thankful to you for visiting and taking time to comment...the colors are lovely, but man, they increased the price by $2...:(

    @Make-up by kim Porter: Thanks for dropping by and letting me know. I will check the giveaway right now...:)

  4. Outrageous is so hot! I think stila makes some very good products. They just don't get much love.
    Infact I enjoy that your blog as a great mix of brands.

  5. Hi they are on sale today for cyber monday for 6.00 each! wow what a steal. thanks for posting the swatches :-)

  6. I can't decide to get these or Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick in Marrakech. They're both nude, I need whichever one is more nudee. Check out my blog


  7. I got Intriguing yesterday, and I LOVE it- the color, the wear; everything but the price!

  8. I bought Intriguing, and I love it.
    Now I'm eyeing Phenomenal, but the "brown" part worries me, since I don't do browns well.
    If it has quite a bit of red, it would be fine, though.
    Can someone who's seen it in person give me some input?



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