February 1, 2010


Hola everyone...

It's Monday and its a February Monday....like a month of 2010 has passed by!!! With this speed it wouldn't be long I posting my 50th B'day haul...lol!!!
Seriously friends....Time just races.....

Anyways, I am going to be super busy this week. We have my son's B'day party this Saturday...and he is very excited...he will be 5...see, I told ya...Time just races...
I have used most of my Korres product from the kit and I have liked it so far. Apart from that I am enjoying using MAC 205 brush, so couple of reviews lined up this week. Also I plan to do the 'MONTHLY FAVORITES' thing on my blog. Its cool and everyone enjoys doing and watching such kind of posts and video..so I thought, Why not?
Oh btw, did you see the Grammy's?? Which were your favorite picks??

I can keep blabbering the whole day...but I leave you with my good wishes for having a great week...


  1. aw... I hope you have a great week too ! YAY for February...

  2. resham, god bless ur son, by all means:)

    You feel like a debutante? Me too? Ok, deal! I tag you now! You are nominated for the best debutante award...accept ur award, do teh tag...have fun...i was not around when u started off ur blog :)

    seriously, i want u to do this tag! of course, once you are free

    correct me if i am wrong! 50th birthday haul? wat was that? take care sweety

  3. @Elise...Thank you sweety...:)

    @Divija: 50th b'day haul as in time flies by and you never know it will 2040, 2050...any day and I will be still sharing my hauls...lol!!!
    Thanks for the Tag...I will get into doing that sometym soon....:)



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