January 14, 2010

Sonia Kashuk Blending sponge - Review

I don’t wear foundation too often, but whenever I wear I find myself using disposable sponges over brushes. There is nothing wrong in using a brush…but I just prefer a sponge. It makes foundation application bit quick and easy.

Sonia Kashuk Blending sponge

Sonia kashuk blending sponge is a nice affordable beauty tool, that I have been using since I heard that it is comparable to Beauty Blenders available at Sephora…and since THAT beauty blender was used by a make-up artist on Kim Kardashian...lol!!

This blender is my second one. The only reason I changed that one was because the old one looked stained and that kinda ‘looked’ gross. Anyway, so my experience with this tool has been pretty GOOD. The shape of the sponge is very practical and user friendly. The broad base helps in covering the large surface area of face, while the pointed tip helps in blending around nose and eyes. I don’t apply concealer with it though, as I prefer a concealer brush.
Initially when I bought this, I used to apply it by wiping/blending over my skin, but then I found it gave a more air-brushed, flawless look when applied in bouncing/stippling motion. (yes, I saw it on you tube)

All I have to do is soak the sponge in water, then sqeeze it. The sponge does become bulky due to water retention, but mine does not grows in size or anything. It should be moist/damp and not wet. Then I dab it on foundation and with bouncing/stippling motion I use it all over my face. It gives amazing coverage and almost takes half the time than a brush. The finish is flawless and even.
The only downfall is maintainence of the sponge. I mean washing the sponge is hell of a task. I clean it using a mixture of baby shampoo, Alcohol, water. A formula that I got from You tube guru Enkore.
The rinsing takes a long time because the water has to run clear. After doing all this, it still leaves stains on the sponge. I store this inside a clear, glass jar with lid. The sponge does bleeds some color for first 2 washes and then it was perfect. Mine didn't smell funky at all. I have heard few people complain that the sponge stinks.
I have yet to try the Beauty Blender and the sponge cleanser that is sold in Sephora. As I have never tried that thing, I am in no position to say if this blender sponge is comparable to that one or not. As of now, Sonia kashuk blending sponge is working well on me.


  1. i want to try this and the beauty blender

  2. Thanks for the review because I really want to try this. Im currently using the beauty blender and I have to say it works amazingly.


  3. I really wanna try this, but I think that it will have to wait...
    I mean, it's such a hassle having to clean the foundation brushes, but a sponge would be 10 times more difficult from what I can tell...
    But then again I 've heard nth but good things on the finish from ppl who 've tried it... dunno... lol!


  4. Nice review. Its affordable, so I would not mind throwing after 6 months, if it gets really dirty.

  5. I've been wanting to try a sponge, so thanks for the review. :)



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