January 13, 2010

Smashbox -- Reflection High Shine Lipgloss - Review

This too was one of the 100 point perk samples that I got from Sephora, when I purchased goodies from them during the FF sale. The size is pretty tiny, but enough to give an idea as how the product is, how it works and all the good and bad stuff...

SMASHBOX Reflection High Shine Lipgloss

This advanced formula gloss saturates lips with a high impact shine. Vitamins
and hyaluronic acid deeply moisturize, fill in lines, and naturally plump lips
for the perfect glossy pout. Wear it alone or over any lip color – the
reflective pearlescent shade looks stunning on every skin tone and leaves a
gorgeous glossy sheen that lasts for hours.

The sparkles match my carpet....

This is a pretty, very shiny, non pigmented pearlized lipgloss. The product is a bit sticky but works as a nice topcoat for lipsticks. This lasts for a pretty long time. I applied it in the morning and even after eating and having coffee, the shine was pretty much visible, but i did re-apply to make my lips look more fresh later. It even made the lipstick last much longer. It is moisturizing and has a pleasant fragrance too. The fragrance is mild and not at all over powering or annoying.

SMASHBOX Lip enhancing clear lip gloss
In the tube, it looks like crushed pearls, full of fine sparkles, but on lips the shimmer is not very over the top. It imparts a natural, crystal like shine on the lips and gives this illusion of a full plump pout. The shimmers are not huge and does not travels all over the place or around the mouth.

Swatches of Smashbox Reflection High Shine Lipgloss and Lip Enhancing
Clear Lipgloss

The glitter/shimmer is not cheap at all. It worked well on my pink and nude pink lipsticks. I didn't like it much over warm toned lipsticks though. Its pretty neutral, so I think it would work well on all skintones.
Very little amount of product is needed, so I don't think I will need a new tube any time soon.
Anybody ever tried this? Please drop a line and give me ideas as to how you guys work with it...


  1. Hey, luv reflection shine! yup, luks like pearl lustre...Personally, I feel clear gloss is no fun!

  2. I am not sure, but won't it make the lipstick frosty? Can you do a lip swatch?



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