January 15, 2010

NARS Eyeshadows Cordura, Brousse, Fez

NARS Brousse Eyeshadow

Few things are always on my wishlist. NARS eyeshadows, Chanel Products, YSL goodies...No matter what...something from their brand is always on my wishlist. Its just matter of accumulating some hard cash...lol!!

I ordered few goodies from NARS using a Gift card I got during the Holidays. Earlier I had only one NARS eyeshadow duo in Scorching Sun. Its a beautiful duo, but unfortunately I couldn't get much use out of it because of the color. Its an Orange colored duo. This time I chose more wearable colors aka 'safe neutrals'.

NARS Cordura Eyeshadow

Well, all NARS eyeshadow duos don't have same texture. I noticed Cordura duo was way smooth and soft than Brousse duo. The color pay off is great with all the three shadows I own and they blend very nicely. I don't think these colors in a single duo make a 'complete' duo or look. They don't have much fallouts either.

NARS Fez Eyeshadow

Fez is a single eyeshadow, a bronzy color. Its not new or unique, but texture is beautiful. It blends like a dream and the color pay off is awesome.

Comparison: NARS Brousse and Cordura

After I ordered the duos, I thought I made a mistake by ordering similar colors, but thats not the case. Brousse and Cordura both are different. I like using the darker color of Cordura as eyeliner.

Comparison: NARS Brousse, MAC Satin Taupe, Signed Sealed,

I pulled out similar looking colors I had in my stash from other brand. These are not dupes at all. Infact i would not call them comparable too. Its just that I remembered these colors when I saw the duo.

Swatches: NARS Brousse, MAC Signed Sealed, Satin Taupe

Cordura duo is a very dupe-able duo. If you have some basic permanent brown colors from MAC
Cordura does not becomes a must-have duo. Its a beautiful duo for sure. The lighter color is similar to Fez and darker color is veru much like NARS Mekong, which is a very popular and beautiful color.

Comparison: NARS Cordura, Fez, MAC Go, Romp, Mulch, Bronze

Swatches: NARS Cordura, Fez, MAC Bronze, Mulch

MAC Time n Space, Woodwinked, Go
By the time I swatched all this, I was too over whelmed seeing loads of brown eyeshadow. I forgot swatching Romp and Tempting. I mean how many brown does one needs?


  1. I want that Cordura duo!

  2. Great review and amazing photos, I keep meaning to get round to buying Brousse !

  3. Great swatches!

    Thanks for letting me know about the comment! :-)

  4. This is super useful, thanks! I have bronze and love it, all the others are new to me.

  5. Um, hello, I always always always have NARS, Chanel and YSL on my wishlist too...! ;)
    And what do you know, Brousse and Cordura are at the top of the list!!! :)
    Excellent post...now I can mentally think of looks I could do with them until I get them...


  6. Hello lovelies....

    @Rai: Grab it grl....u won't regret...:)

    @Replica, Lipgloss Gossip, Anon: Thank you all for the comment...:)\

    @Tina: Some day if I win a lottery....I will buy all the make-up from these brands...and keep admiring...lol!!

  7. Amazing photos. I love the way you have compared the colors. Cordura is such a lovely duo. The swatches are so helpful. Thank you

  8. I understand what you're trying to do here. Not everyone has $32 to drop on eyeshadow. Still... these "dupes" are not quite the real deal. Nars barely there gold flecks, it's buttery soft textures and velvety appearance in the way they reflect light... this really cannot truly be duped. There is a reason Nars costs more and it's the high quality. As nice as Bobbi Brown products are even (I LOVE her shadows), Bobbi Brown's "Burnt Sugar" is super close to the lighter half of Cordura, but still... no cigar as it's much too shimmery and "thin" looking. Oh well! At least we can get close, yes?

  9. @Shashi: thank you dear, I am glad swatches help some people...:)

    @Anon: I totally said that Brousse duo is not dupable..regarding Cordura, well, the colors appears pretty similar to my other MAC e/s...when I APPLY THEM ON MY EYE...and I think it depends a lot on how one works wth the shadow...NARS quality is amazing, no doubt...but I don't find all their e/s to have perfect pay-off...they are HIT or MISS...:)

  10. Edit/Update to BB Burnt Sugar vs. Cordura... 'just want to add that I really do get it. I don't have unlimited funds for eyeshadow either, but I LOVE makeup and the nicer products are... well... NICE! I purchased Cordura the other day and afterward realized how very close it is to Bobbi Brown's Burnt Sugar (not cheap either). Definitely would have returned the Cordura if they'd been a match. Tone-wise, they DO match, but here's the rub... the Burnt Sugar is far more shimmery, so... while you could wear the lighter brown of Cordura to the office (or for any "day/casual" look), the Bobbi Brown shadow is a bit over the top for this use. Since I really love this color, I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and keep the Cordura. It will be worth missing a couple of lunches out! LOL

    Thanks for the forum for makeup fans. It is fun to love makeup, yes?!

  11. P.S. 'Totally agree with you w/Nars being "Hit or Miss". I do a lot of "fakery" when it comes to their color combos (which I do find interesting). I own very few Nars shadows for this reason (like 3 or 4). When they do it right, though, it's divine (no pun intended)!

  12. Romp has been discontinued (so dissapointed) and I have not been able to find a close dupe. Do you think the lighter shade in Cordura is a good dupe?

  13. @Nyum.. I will check the stash and let you know here. Thank you for stopping by.. :)



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