January 18, 2010


Hello Lovelies...

Hope everyone is happy and cheerful....My house is pretty chaotic right now. My son is at home and he along with televison cartoon equals to utter chaos....
Anyways, last week was not so good for me health wise. My neck was hurting badly, practically making ot difficult to do any job...to top it up, a very sticky, irritating virus attacked my computer...It took 7 long hours for my hubby to get rid of it...Thankfully, non of the data was lost...but for some strange reasons non of my blog comments were published. That sucks!!!
Things look pretty positive this week. I have some MAC goodies from CCO to share, along with some lipstick chat and swatches from a brand that is practically new for me. Rest all coool...
Have a great wonderful week ahead,


  1. oh dear, how r u today? hope all is fine now...

  2. hi divija...

    I am feeling much better today.I figured out i need to use my laptop, not on lap but on a table...lol!! Thanks for asking...:)

  3. Ooh lookin forward to that CCO haul! :)

  4. Thats wat hapnd to me, exactly! Bcoz of tht, I got dry eye condition! water layer completely gone in left eye! wat terrible things happen!

    take care, sweetie



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