January 4, 2010



Its Monday again….and its me AGAIN!!
I feel very positive about this Monday. It has this 'special punch' of being ‘first Monday of year 2010’….
I went to gym today. I had planned to start my resolution of hitting gym regularly from day one…date one of 2010, but man…it was a Friday and weekend and I had party to attend and my son was at home and I didn’t get time and…….

Don’t you think 90% of females make this resolution of losing weight and being fit every year??
I am one of those 90%…hehe!!!

Now, that our winter vacation is over…things are turning back to normal. My son started with school and I have secretly started waiting for next holiday season. Fall and winters are my favorites. I am not a very spring/summer person. So random!! Anyways, my Sephora box arrived…It was difficult to have a Sephora card and not spend it. The card was dad’s present. I have few NARS stuff to share and few features to add to the journal. Lets see..

Have a great week ahead.

dazzling, sparkling.....me!!


  1. you have a great blog going on! i love ur reviews and glad to see it updated so often as it must be hard being a mother! :) keep it up!

  2. Hello Anonymous:

    I am soo very thankful for this comment. These kind words keep me motivated...Hope you enjoy further posts...:)

    Happy New Year....:)

  3. I've never made a resolution to lose weight, but I would like to be healthier. :)



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