January 22, 2010

MAC, CLINIQUE CCO Goodies...(Set One)

I don’t know how helpful CCO purchase posts are. I personally like to post and talk about them for 3 reasons...

1. Usually all CCO’s have similar stuff. The haul gives an idea what might be available in ‘your’ nearest CCO.
2. Many people just ‘enjoy’ seeing ’hauls’…( I am one of them)
3. At last, but not least…You all are the people who actually know what make-up I have in my vanity. I am confident that neither my hubby nor my son ever care to know…So obviously if I buy something, I have to share….SIMPLE!!!

Enuf rambling….Over to goodies….

The Goodies

I picked back-ups of crème sheen glasses in Petite Indulgence, Creme Anglaise. Also I picked one crème sheen glass in Partial To Pink by mistake. So I compared it with other similar looking colors I have. Even though it looks different, I am not sure if I should keep this or return. As I am unsure, so no swatches. I still have few days left. What do you all think? Should I keep this?

Pink/Peachy Pink Lipglasses

Then I picked this eyeshadow in Warming trend, which I believe was release during the 'Cool Heat' collection. I had heard it was similar to Woodwinked…I don’t know from where I got this, but I was so wrong!! It is no where even near to Woodwinked!! Its a Veluxe Pearl finish, so obviously it is smooth and has a great color pay off.
Few comparisons with other colors.

MAC Eye shadows in Patina, Warming Trend and Woodwinked

Swatches of MAC eye shadows in Warming Trend, Patina, Woodwinked

MAC Cream Colored Base In Crushed Bougainvillea

Next I picked my first cream color base by MAC in Crushed Bougainvillea. This was released during the Emanuel Ungaro collection. It looks scary Magenta in the pan, but swatches to a lovely berry color and on sheering out gives this nice berry/pinkish flush.

Swatch of MAC CCB in Crushed Bougainvillea
Now MAC CCB don’t have a very great reputation, which I think is true. The texture is not very smooth and creamy. Its bit sticky and difficult to spread and blend. Its not the worst thing out there, but definitely not the best. The color is so gorgeous, I couldn’t resist. Not to mention it was discounted! This would work great as a blush base and a lip stain. I have not tried it on my lips though.

Sheered Out

Other things I picked were from Clinique. One gel liner in Egyptian, which I have yet to try and one Face mask meant for oily skin, which I should have not purchased, because currently I am having dry, flakey skin. I will give it to hubby dear and ask him to review it for me. He has super duper oily skin…He can be my guest reviewer…..

Clinique Gel Liner

There are a few more stuff, which I will share in next post. Heavy pictures make web page to open up slowly and you all know, I get a bit crazy with pictures…


  1. Great haul!
    I think you should keep Partial to Pink, it's a beautiful colour.

  2. I love seeing other peoples hauls and I love the CCO. I wish mine was closer, although my pocketbook doesn't...those Cremesheens are gorgeous!

  3. I also have that CCB and I really like it. In MAC makeup scale, I am NW20 and I really like this product. When I apply one thin layer, it is almost invisible and great base for any blush. In two or three layers, it gives me very nice flushed look.

    Partial to Pink looks very pretty. But it might be similar to something you already have (Buxon Zena seems to be very close) and I personally think it looks best on lighter skin.

  4. Great haul hun! I love seeing haul posts too :)
    The creamsheens look gorgeous ♥
    I love warming trend! Its the perfect warm toned lid color.

  5. Ooooh nice haul!

    And keep the creme sheen!
    I have never tried one of those. lol I always wanted Boy Bait though.

  6. I LOVE HAUL POSTS! Whether its something new, old, or long out of date, I love them all! And I see we have the same taste in lipglosses! I also have love nectar (its half empty!), VGV, stila hollyberry (i actually used that one up!), and i like smashbox glosses too! :D

    And your swatches are making me regret passing on Warming Trend. I already have and like patina, but you know, I love neutrals...

  7. loving Crushed Bougainvillea

  8. I 've only recently added Warming Trend on my wishlist, looks like I did for a good reason: it's goorgeous!
    I 'm also eyeing Nymphette lipglass, although I dislike the stickyness of the MAC glosses... pretty shade though! Perhaps you could do a swatch post on your MAC lipglosses at some point, it would be very helpful!


  9. Hello all my Lovely Ladies....

    Thank you all for the comments. As all of you have suggested I will keep Partial to Pink Lipglass....

    @yarisse: Crushed Boughanvillea is cool, I bought it just for the color. I am not so happy wth the finish though...

    @Rai: MY CCO had Boy Bait too...I doubt it wud show up on me...

    @Muscialhouses: try to get your hands on it...You won't regret...:)

  10. @tina_mbc: I have some swatches for MAC l/g. It has Nymphette in it. You can chk the link.


    Also, if you clik Lipgloss label, you can see many swatches on this blog. If you need any specifuc color, PLMK and I will try to swatch it for you...:)

  11. Ah, silly me for not checking that earlier! Thank you dear, I 'm pretty much covered now! :)))


  12. I like hearing about your CCO posts. :) I'm so jealous of your cremesheen glasses!! xx

  13. OMG! You could get that CCB!!
    I am visiting the blog after so long!! I say again, hold a blog sale...We all would love to get Hard to find items!



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