January 25, 2010

MAC CCO Goodies - Set 2

This is part two of the CCO goodies I bought. I had some nice positive comments for CCO stuff. I am glad, no one sent me a 'hate' comment saying I 'spend' and hauls are 'show-off' or 'brag post'.

Thank you all 'enjoying' simple hauls!

MAC Brushes in 205 n 168, Dazzleglass in Date Night, Lipliners in Gingerroot,
Sublime Culture.

My CCO has some good brushes. Usually MAC brushes are pretty expensive and buying Face Brushes by paying full price kinda hurts my pocket. So when I saw 168 brush, I picked it as I thought its high time I should build a decent brush collection. I had 168 SE brush and everyone used to say SE brushes are not a great as Full size brushes. I did my little comparison and I will talk about it in detail later this week.
MAC 205 brush is a unique brush. I had never seen anything like this one. I did buy it and its fun to use. Its a Fan brush for mascara...cute and firm...We will discuss brushes later. Colors are fun to share. Tools are essential but boring...lol!!

Magenta/Pink Lipglosses

I bought a Dazzleglass. Its strange to even think that I never owned a DG before. Especially because I like MAC and own some good products from the brand. Last time I picked one was from CCO and it was this Gold colored one. I think it was called Miss Dynamite.....and hated it. I still have it lying somewhere...This brings me to one question...What to do with un-used, good quality make-up? What do you all do with the make-up you buy on impulse but later don't get much use out of it? Please drop your suggestions in the comment section...Back to our make-up talk...
Miss Dynamite was too gritty on lips and glittery. The glitter chunks were huge and they travelled all around my lips because I have this habit of smacking the lips together often.
Date Night Dazzleglass on the other hand is less gritty, but even here the chunks are pretty much big. I just picked it becasue the glitter chunks were very berry/magenta colored and they looked pretty...They would work well with many of lip stuff I have. I will avoid smacking lips...

Swatches of lipglosses: Fierce n Fabulous, Date Night Dazzleglass, Smashbox
Radiant, MAC Hot Frost, MAC MAgnetique and Buxom Dani

Admiring Dazzleglasses.....

This is a 100% 'show-off' picture and totally unnecessary....I was so impressed by Xinarox's pics of all her Dazzleglasses, Dazzlecremes all together which she had cliked last year, that I just wanted to clik a similar kind of picture. Once the pictures were cliked, I kept admiring all the little tubes and my son thought I was crazy...

MAC Lipliner is Sublime Culture and Gingerroot

I am cheapo when it comes to lipliners. I always find drugstore lipliners work very good. I had heard some make-up artsit use MAC Gingerroot on a celebrity. So at a discounted price I was tempted to try MAC Lipliners. I picked one in Gingerroot and an other one in Sublime Culture.
Well, they are soft and pigmented. They last long, but nothing very unique...I would get similar results using my drugstore lipliners and at drugstore price, I could afford a large variety of colors too. I probably would buy a MAC creamstick liner only if the color is ultra unique.
So, this was my part two of CCO goodies...Like every other make-up junkie, I too get carried away while buying make-up. Honestly, there are very few products that I need, rest all is 'just lemming'....When I come back home after buying stuff, I regret spending on dupes and other stuff...but then I guess we all do the same thing...thats the reason we are here....Beauty Blogging...lol!!!


  1. I have MAC 168 and I love it so much..multifunction brush as I use it to apply bronzer, blusher and liquid foundation..
    Too bad in my country we don't have CCO.

  2. Great Haul! Great Pics!

    I do love my dazzleglasses!! =D

  3. Nice haul! I have DG in Money, Honey and I really like it. I use it on top of other lip products, even other lipglosses (eg. MAC lipgelée in Amber Russe) and I really like it this way. I am actually thinking about buying Date Knight, but I am afraid that it would be similar to Money, Honey, maybe only a bit deeper...
    I also have MAC 168 brush but I have not used it yet. I just dunno how :(
    Products I do not need I sell or exchange with my friends on our beauty chat.

  4. Great haul.

    I give my unloved make-up to my sister in law, my Mum or my Mum in law. If they don't want it then I give it to friends.

  5. I LOVE Dazzleglass! I have like 12 of them! Haha.

    Great swatches! :-)

  6. Fun haul! Sublime Culture looks cool. I try to buy a blend of drugstore and MAC lipliners. They are so expensive, but I have a bad habit of buying drugstore lipliners that don't work with my skintone.

  7. Love ur hauls :) sweeet just like u, resham

    thats d reason y i stopped hauling whatever! I didnt want any negativity around my blog! I felt, prevention is better than cure :)

  8. Start with a blog sale! I will love to buy those CCO goodies!



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