January 6, 2010


I recently ordered a few goodies from KORRES website as they had an awesome GWP deal to offer. I had heard good things about their skincare line and I was very interested in trying their Wild Rose series.

The Box

I had ordered from them for the first time. The service was prompt and quick.

The Kit

They have come with this Limited Edition Wild Rose Triple Benefits Skincare Collection. It has some pretty good stuff at a comparatively lower price.


This was one major reason I picked this set from Korres website. This GWP (Gift with Purchase) has decent size skincare samples ranging from eye creams to lotions etc. Great way to try the products from the brand.

The Samples

They gave 3 samples too. Pretty neat.

Good deal

I shared the pictures of whatever came in my haul box, so that you can let me know if you have tried any and whatever was your experience.
As everything is Skincare products, it will take some time for me to try them and then review them in detail.


  1. Yet 2 try, honey
    lovely haul u have got there ;)
    did u try korres lip butter? check it out!
    waiting for d reviews....

  2. hiee Divija...
    I have yet to try any lip butter from korres. I am waiting for my 'the body shop' lipstuff to finish, along wth other stuff. hey, i was wondering what is your fav PINK blush...I am on a Pink Blush Kick lately...lol!!

  3. oh wow this looks great :)
    Let us know of stuff you really like from here!

  4. do you have an emial? I have some questions for you.......

  5. hi Monica,

    You can contact me by mailing at

    Thank you for stopping by.

  6. That's a damn good GWP!

    I want to get a lipstick & blush by them.
    I love that eyeliner by them!! It's fab.

  7. yep Rai, that GWP is very good decent sized stuff...I tried the Guave lipstick...It is good, but a bit expensive.

  8. This is such a good deal! Looking forward for your reviews!!



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