January 21, 2010

David Babaii Shampoo and conditioner (Review)

How cool is this picture!!!

David Babaii is a celebrity Hairstylist and he has this hair care line. Kate Hudson is their spokes-person and the promo pic above is so cute....


Its almost 5 to 6 weeks since I have been using this shampoo conditioner duo and I guess I have used it enough to review it and give my two cents...

David Babaii Hair Care Products

Our products are free of sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, and animalproducts.
And of course, free from all animal testing. Even better, we furthersupport the
beauty in nature by donating ten percent of all profits to WildAid,the global
wildlife conservation organization, to help save our endangered animals

David Babaii Shampoo

Firstly, I am very very impressed with the products. I had tried Sulphate free shampoos in the past but this thing tops all of them. Its amazing stuff. The cool thing is its cruelty free.
The shampoo as per its name hydrates and leaves hair very shiny, smooth and soft like silk...literally like silk. I had never seen any shampoo and conditioner giving my hair so much of sheen. It was just amazing.

The smell of the shampoo is very pineapple, coconut types, fruity, tropical, which was bit over powering initially, but after 3 to 4 uses I got used to it, though I still feel its a bit strong for my liking.

The shampoo itself foams well and has a rich lather. Considering the fact that it is sulphate free, it does not has SLS aka Sodium Laural Sulphate, an ingrediant that is used in many soaps and shampoos to give that foam, lather effect. The hair rinses clean without stripping the natural oils in the hair. Does not makes the hair dry or straw like. The end result is very manageable, shiny, soft and healthy looking hair.

David Babaii Conditioner

The conditioner works well in conjugation with the shampoo. It too has the same scent. It is color safe, which is plus because you don't have to use different products for colored hair. The conditioner does not weighs my hair down, nor it makes it oily.

I personally have fine, thin hair. Each strand of hair is very thin and my hair tangles up easily. It appears very frizzy at time which I hate and my hair is naturally wavy by nature. This conditioner tames those frizzes to a great extent and makes combing so relaxing....

The products can be found at Ulta, Rite-aid etc. Its affordable in comparison to certain other brands like Ojon and others that make sulphate free shampoos.

I have been liking the duo so far. Not to mention the good cause associated with the brand. It is not tested on animals. David Babaii donates 10% of their total profit to WILDAID the Global Wildlife conservation Organization. The bottles used are made of recycled material.

My mom got me a David Babbai Amplifying Shampoo/Conditioner Duo during Holidays. I will keep you all posted, as to how that one works...


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