January 28, 2010

CARGO Eyelighter in Gold -- Review

This was a totally unexpected buy. As I had mentioned in my past post that I didn’t even knew that this product existed.

CARGO Eyelighter in Gold

What exactly is this eye lighter??

EyeLighter™ simplifies the age-old makeup artist trick of widening and
brightening eyes through white shadow application along the corners and rims of
eyes. Pointed tip applies the matte white shadow to the outer corners of the
eyes, under the brows, and to the lower lash line for instant lift. The rounded
tip applies soft, shimmering white shadow to the inner corners to open and
brighten eyes.

Sponge Tip Applicator for Inner Corner

This is a dual sided eyeshadow, that has sponge tips. It looks like a pen. Firstly I couldn’t figure out as where the eyeshadow was…but then I came to know that the eyeshadows were inside the caps of the applicator. All I need to do is pull the cap off and the sponge tip applicator is saturated with eyeshadow. One side of the pen has matte shadow and is supposed to be used on the outer corner of the eye and highbrow while the other side has shimmery shadow and is used on the inner corner of the eye. The end result is a bright and awake eye. The eyes appear wide when applied in the inner corners and just gives this ultra fine, sexy look.

Sponge Tip Applicator for Outer Corner

Its not something that is unique. I could easily achieve similar look/effect using any of my light, shimmery eye shadows. The only difference I noticed was the texture. The shimmery side is soo finely milled, that the end result is very chic and polished.
I like the fact that the container is very portable and easy to use. The applicator thought I feel should had been a bit more precise. The applicator for the outer corner is ok, but the inner corner one is too wide and if not careful, it deposits a whole lot of product and then there is a shimmery mess which can ruin the whole make-up!

Swatches for CARGO Eyelighter in GOLD

I used my fingers to blend it. I don't think it can be used under the eyes to reduce the apperance of dark circles, as it can be too shiny and shimmery. I tried using very very little amount under my eyes, but then it settled in my fine lines, which was not so flattering.

The color in Gold was a perfect choice as Pink would had never complimented my complexion and white would had been too White.
I would not say it’s a must have product, but it sure is a very good, handy and useful one. At a discounted rate of $10, worth giving a try!!
p.s: I read on Makeup Alley that this gave a lovely effect in photographs, though I have yet to photograph myself wearing this. Also Blake Lively of Gossip Girl usually has similar kind of shimmery eyeshadow in her inner corners. This too was observed by someone else and yessss…. It’s a perfect example!!
Disclaimer: This is my purchase and my personal review.

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  1. This is such a beautiful pen. I like the way Blake Lively looks with her inner corners shiny and bright!



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