December 18, 2009

Urban Decay Eyelash Primer Potion (Review)

The next product in line to review is the Urban Decay Eyelash Primer Potion. Now, I had never used any kind of primer for my lashes. So this was my first and only experience with the product.
I like the whole concept of applying primer on lashes before actually applying any mascara.

Urban Decay Eyelash Primer Potion

Wave this magic wand before your favorite mascara for lashes that appear
thicker, longer, and stronger—right before your very eyes! Lashes are bolstered
with the tiny fibers that band together and cling to every lash, creating
extraordinarily eye-popping extensions. Just apply Eyelash Primer Potion, let it
dry, and apply your fave mascara—you won't believe your eyes!

The wand

This is a protein-rich and paraben-free formula, conditions, fortifies, and thickens lashes with Silk Protein, Panthenol, and Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein.

This potion comes in a pretty lavender tube, with lovely detailing on it. The applicator or the wand is long and the brush is straight. The product itself is white in color and the consistency is just like a thick mascara. Its not liquidy at all.

Lashes with primer (scary and white!!)

The main trick is in application. I applied it just like any other mascara and it turned my lashes white!! It clumped the first time I applied, but in my very second attempt of application, I was careful and it didn’t clump. It does takes some time to master the art.

With a Mascara on
(Notice the fine whitish lashes...This requires practice to cover!!)
Then once dry, I applied mascara on top. As soon as the mascara was applied all the white strands turned black (I applied a black!! ). There were some tiny white strands left and I thought they would dry out clear like lash glue, but it didn't. So I realised it needs to be applied carefully, which is not hard. A little bit of practice and then there was no problem at all.

I did notice a difference. The lashes really looked fuller, thicker and bold. I had started the whole procedure after curling the lashes with a lash curler. I noticed that the curl was very well ‘holded’ in its place. It gave the illusion of false lashes which is great, as I don’t apply falsies and at times really wish for a bit of drama…
The best thing was the mascara didn’t clump, but the key is to let the layer of primer dry completely before applying the mascara.
Removing the mascara was easy and simple. Eye make-up remover did the job without breaking or ruining too many lashes.
I totally like this product as it worked for me, but it’s a step more and I don’t see myself using it everyday. One thing is for sure, I would not leave my house without this step on special occasions and those special days, when I know I have to look my best and people will notice…

If you crave thick and full lashes and are not comfortable with the false ones…this one is for you!!!
P.S: This was my first experience with a lash primer. The pictures posted here are just my very first attempts. On later applications the primer did a great job of holding curls. Also I was not paid to review this...Its my own thoughts regarding this one....


  1. Definitely intrigued now...
    But I hear that Shiseido makes a pretty good mascara base too, so *might* try that one first...hmmm...decisions, decisions...! Lol!


  2. Nice review. You have lovely eyes. share some looks!

  3. The primer is an extra step, but if it gives good lashes I am all for it.



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